New addition! You ask for black bottle KT120… and here they come!

It is even too new to have a picture to post yet!…

Grant Fidelity has just sourced this new addition KT120-Z to the Treasure “black bottle” series with our Select quality grade in response to the many requests from worldwide audiophile and music lovers.

With more and more KT120 based amplifiers available on the market, many audiophiles and music lovers are looking for an alternative to TungSol KT120 (which was the only KT120 available until now) – to get a higher end, warmer, richer and lush sound. If you have a brand name KT120 amplifier and have been active on audio forums with a proven record of posting detailed tube reviews, we will be happy working with you to receive product review feedback!

First batch is being shipped to our warehouse – very limited quantity. Order now and claim yours as the world’s first group of customers!!

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“Yes. You read it right. The Psvane (WE300B replica) were most like the ’78 WEs.”

WE replica 300B single with boxRead the review by reviewer Kevin Fiske – he compared the Psvane WE300B replica to the original WE300B ’78, ’88 and the re-issue ’98′:

On Sovtek 300B – “‘powerful bass, dry midrange, restricted top end – rather grey and dead sounding.’

On Psvane WE300B 1:1 replica: “We then changed to the Psvane WE Replicas, played the same tracks and were rewarded by a much more enhanced sense of dynamic flow, of micro dynamics and openness. My notes say: Voices comparatively glowing’, strings have a better sense of wood and gut.’ It was clear to all of us that the Psvanes were in a different league to the Sovteks.”

On Western Electric 300B ’98 re-issue: “the 98s sounded very different to the Psvane 300B replicas. The WEs struck all of us as being smoother and less granular, with a richer tonality in the midband but with less bite to the leading edge of notes, and less top end, too, than the Psvanes.”

On Western Electric 300B ’88: “I felt they were different to the ‘98s, but the differences were less so than those between the 98s and the Psvanes. I heard a slightly richer and more fleshed out midband than delivered by the ‘98s, but voices were smaller, as if the sonic picture had been through a too-hot wash cycle. They were very smooth and a bit recessed.”

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Immediate improvement heard when fitted in CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z

treasure 6SL7-Z singleFeedback received via email from Darren in Australia:

“Hello Rachel,

I just wanted to let you know the (KT88-Z, CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z) arrived yesterday.

I fitted the CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z first and listened to a significantly improved openness …

I should have done more  listening to get a better appreciation of the difference, but could not wait to add in the KT88 treasures

Again the sound was improved – less bass slam – tighter

I look forward to a longer burn in period to get the full appreciation, but first impression is that they are very nice.”

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New addition to Treasure series – 6SL7-Z and 6SN7SE

treasure 6SL7-Z single

We have just expanded the Treasure line to include 6SL7. This is a model frequently used in many preamps and power amps. It can replace Chinese 6N9P and are more warm / musical sounding by Russian 6SL7 to many Asian music lovers. Not it’s time for your ear to judge…To find out more details and place an order, please click here.


Treasure 6SN7SE pair in foamThe 2nd addition is a special edition globe shaped 6SN7 SE designed and produced by the Treasure team distributed exclusively by Grant Fidelity. Could this be the BEST current 6SN7 on the market as intended by the design team? We wait for worldwide audiophile to provide us feedback…With Grant Fidelity’s ultra tight selection criteria, this model is only available in very limited quantity. Check out details and place order here.

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Let’s hear what the pros say about WE274B / WE205D / WR2A3 / WE101D replica…

WR2A3 single tube no boxFeedback via email from Hans @ Musical Affairs in Netherlands – Musical Affairs is an European high end audio design house in Netherlands:

“We just finished a first listening test and here are some impressions:

WE274B – very impressive rectifier tube; by far the best we tried until now; a real good copy of the original WE tube!

WE205D – My friend Cees owns a nice collection of WE 205 vintage tubes; the oldest is from 1925 and further he owns the 1938 and 1947 versions; we compared them with your replica; to our impression the 1925 version was the best followed by your version.

WR2A3 – the real original WE sound; we are very much impressed by this tube.”

On WE101D-L:

“Dear Rachel,

As I promised you; here is a short review about the 101-D tube; my friend Cees wrote it;

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KT88-TII.. ‘by far the best sounding KT88′s I have heard to date’

TII KT88 pair with box pin2

Feedback received via email from Alberta W.:

“I’d like to say that, it is by far the best sounding KT88s I’ve heard to date. I’ve tried Gold Lions and Penta KT88s but the Psvane Treasures leave them in the dust. Everything across the entire frequency range sounds better and more realistic. Clarity is also improved. Thank you!

Best Regards,


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WE101D-: “That particular set of bulbs will make you go bunkers, really”

Psvane WE101D pin left D right D-LReview from Dawid from Poland in related to Lukasz Fikus devices:

“I hope that I was able to put it bluntly enough what Psvane WE101D-L are and why they outperformed their competition. It is what it is, at least for now. I’ve compared four sets of tubes for many days, each bulb had many hours of usage, so mechanical factors have no meaning here. Each was burned in long enough. Sure, it can always be said that you match tubes to your rig; speakers, amplifier and so on. Well, I’ve used the best stereo power amplifier I had, and three very different speakers. On top of that there was very various music list. But even despite that, final outcome of my small valve battle was exceptionally unequivocal. There’s nothing more to add here. I can only recommend WE101D-L to every DHT based source from Łukasz Fikus. That particular set of bulbs will make you go bonkers, really. Who has heard them, knows. Those are THE ones.

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“Psvane (12ax7-TII) is on par with the best… very quiet too”

TII 12ax7 pair tube boxFeedback received from Todd via email:

Rachel, I have had a couple of weeks to play with the Psvane 12AX7 Tubes. Very good! I own 10-12 sets of very good NOS 12AX7 tubes, some costing as much as $200 each. It is too early to say for certain, but at this point I feel like the Psvane is on par with the best. I have a lot of friends who are as nutty about tubes as me, and it is looking like I will be recommending Psvane from Grant Fidelity….

They are very quiet as well, which is a big deal since these are being used in a phono stage. The only ax7 tubes that I own that are quieter are  Telefunken tubes selected for use in medical equipment. - Todd”

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Psvane CV181-TII: “I can’t believe the difference they made.”

TII CV181 tubes pair with boxFeedback from customer Carlos via email:

“Whoa!!  My tubes arrived from Hong kong.  I swapped out the stock 6SN7s with the CV181-TIIs and let them warm up. Immediately the soundstage and imaging opened up without even being broken in.  I can’t believe the difference they made.  Most certainly worth the price.  Thanks. ”

“ I don’t know all the ins and outs if all the tube rolling and technology. I do trust my ears and these tubes have really changed the sound for the better especially in the lower frequencies” - Carlos

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Psvane 845-TII & WE845: “These are simply perfect tubes”

WE211 pair with box
Wall of Sound comparison review of Psvane 845-TII and Psvane WE845 Replica tubes by Tim Smith:

“Both the T-II and the WE Replica will instantly shock you with the way the make music seem louder, fuller, more complete, less thin (as if an 845 tube could be accused of thinness!) than the stock Psvane tubes that come with many high-end 845-based amps. Both tubes impart a sense of muscularity, bounciness, ease of musical flow. Jazz trios will flow like a smooth stream, especially with the T-II. Electric guitars will jump out at you with verve, bite. Cymbals will be better defined than with any other tube I have used. Strings are rich, deep, woody, ravishing. Drums will startle you. These are fast tubes. These are simply perfect tubes. They are clean, powerful, deep, holographic, warm and punchy. Highly recommended.” TII 845 pair with box

“The WE Replica is clearly a better all-around tube. It reduces noise and hum to the lowest possible level. Most people will love its deep, deep bass, its iron fisted grip on the music, its remarkable speed and boogie factor. It has bite with Bill Frisell’s electric guitar. This tube is like a Sanken solid state speed demon with the holography of a 300B. As I said, each tube is brilliant and a testament to Psvane’s engineering prowess, but this one has that little extra bit of bite, depth and speed. Who needs overpriced and warranty-less ‘NOS’ or OS RCA tubes when Psvane is making such fine products at a fraction of the price and with a warranty?”

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