Expedited shipping available for flat fee $25.00/order now

1) Expedited Shipping Upgrade for flat $25.00 per order:

We have been offering worldwide free airmail shipping for tube orders for a few years. Typical international airmail shipping could be 8-20 business days but courier can deliver a parcel in 5-7 business days in many cases.

In respond to buyer’s demand, now we are offering a flat fee expedited shipping option for all orders – the bigger order you place, the more saving you have as the expedited shipping is flat fee $25.00 only no matter how many tubes you order.  After placing / completing payment for your tube order on our site, simply use the ‘pay now’ button below to purchase your expedited shipping upgrade.

Expedited Shipping Upgrade for flat $25.00 per order:

DHL/Fedex/EMS Shipping Upgrade (note: our warehouse will decide which carrier to use. Buyer’s specific request cannot always be accommodated due to carrier shipping rate changes from time to time, but we will do our best):

We use DHL/Fedex/EMS solely at our choice depending on backlog of each courier to allow buyer to receive your order faster. (Please note this is not a guarantee for order arriving on certain date – shipping and customs speed is entirely out of our control, especially during holiday peak season.)

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“Psvane (12ax7-TII) is on par with the best… very quiet too”

TII 12ax7 pair tube boxFeedback received from Todd via email:

Rachel, I have had a couple of weeks to play with the Psvane 12AX7 Tubes. Very good! I own 10-12 sets of very good NOS 12AX7 tubes, some costing as much as $200 each. It is too early to say for certain, but at this point I feel like the Psvane is on par with the best. I have a lot of friends who are as nutty about tubes as me, and it is looking like I will be recommending Psvane from Grant Fidelity….

They are very quiet as well, which is a big deal since these are being used in a phono stage. The only ax7 tubes that I own that are quieter are  Telefunken tubes selected for use in medical equipment. - Todd”

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Psvane CV181-TII: “I can’t believe the difference they made.”

TII CV181 tubes pair with boxFeedback from customer Carlos via email:

“Whoa!!  My tubes arrived from Hong kong.  I swapped out the stock 6SN7s with the CV181-TIIs and let them warm up. Immediately the soundstage and imaging opened up without even being broken in.  I can’t believe the difference they made.  Most certainly worth the price.  Thanks. ”

“ I don’t know all the ins and outs if all the tube rolling and technology. I do trust my ears and these tubes have really changed the sound for the better especially in the lower frequencies” - Carlos

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Psvane 845-TII & WE845: “These are simply perfect tubes”

WE211 pair with box
Wall of Sound comparison review of Psvane 845-TII and Psvane WE845 Replica tubes by Tim Smith:

“Both the T-II and the WE Replica will instantly shock you with the way the make music seem louder, fuller, more complete, less thin (as if an 845 tube could be accused of thinness!) than the stock Psvane tubes that come with many high-end 845-based amps. Both tubes impart a sense of muscularity, bounciness, ease of musical flow. Jazz trios will flow like a smooth stream, especially with the T-II. Electric guitars will jump out at you with verve, bite. Cymbals will be better defined than with any other tube I have used. Strings are rich, deep, woody, ravishing. Drums will startle you. These are fast tubes. These are simply perfect tubes. They are clean, powerful, deep, holographic, warm and punchy. Highly recommended.” TII 845 pair with box

“The WE Replica is clearly a better all-around tube. It reduces noise and hum to the lowest possible level. Most people will love its deep, deep bass, its iron fisted grip on the music, its remarkable speed and boogie factor. It has bite with Bill Frisell’s electric guitar. This tube is like a Sanken solid state speed demon with the holography of a 300B. As I said, each tube is brilliant and a testament to Psvane’s engineering prowess, but this one has that little extra bit of bite, depth and speed. Who needs overpriced and warranty-less ‘NOS’ or OS RCA tubes when Psvane is making such fine products at a fraction of the price and with a warranty?”

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Psvane KT88-TII vs. Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z vs. Original Mullard KT88

Comparison review by Gary S. – received by email:

Psvane KT88-TII vs. Shugang Treasure KT88-Z vs. original British Mullard comparison 

Recently I had the opportunity to compare two very interesting Chinese quads with a quad of vintage Mullard KT88. I have no vested interest in Psvane, Shugang or Grant Fidelity nor were any of these tubes given to me. I bought a matched quad of Psvane kt88-TII and a matched quad of Shugang KT88-Z was also available so I made this comparison and thought I would tell Grant Fidelity of my evaluation.

The preamp used is a McIntosh C2500 using vintage Tesla E83CC in place of the stock 12AX7A. The amplifier is a McIntosh MC275 V6 using Tesla E83CC and vintage Siemens ECC801S replacing the stock 12AT7. Vintage British Mullard KT88 is what I normally use and am familiar with. The speakers are a pair of Klipsch Forte II in parallel with Klipsch Chorus I running 4 ohms per channel to the MC275. The speakers have recent Crites crossovers and diaphragms. I have not had the opportunity to try the Shugang or Psvane 12AX7 or 12AT7 equivalents therefore those tubes are not included in this review.

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How to bias my new tubes in my amp to replace the stock tubes?

multimeter for biasA: Congratulations for getting new tubes for your precious tube amp. Chances are either your stock tubes are getting aged, or you are about to experiment some different tubes hopefully to improve the system sound to the better. Either way, it is a fun and exciting experience.

Please follow the steps below to change your tubes:

Step 1.: Confirm that your amp is working fine.

Sometimes you come to the point to buy new tubes because the amp somehow isn’t working properly. The issue could be the tubes currently in the amp are getting too aged; it could also be that the amp needs a re-conditioning in case resistor / capacitor are out of spec from aging. This is a very technical process – if you are not sure and cannot make an educated assessment from experience, talk with a tube amp service technician.

Step 2: Remove old tubes from the amplifier.

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“Super punchy, dynamic, smooth & highly detailed…”

TII CV181 tubes pair box-2Feedback received via email from Ricky B.:

“The CV 181-TII aka 6SN7 is a remarkable tube. I will standardize my amps around its new standard of excellence.

Super punchy, dynamic, smooth and highly detailed in a non analytical way. Very beautiful tone and body.

And they have 2 hours of break-in!!!

Thanks for freeing me from the over priced and questionable sonic integrity NOS nonsense.”

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“Top Notch in Every Way.”

TII 845 pair with boxFeedback from customer Charlie V. via email:

“The difference between the Psvane (845) TII tubes and the stock tubes are like night and day on steroids.  I am glad I re-tubed the amp and pre-amp all at the same time.  What a marvelous difference.  The air, sparkle, tonality of the music as well as the sounds of the instruments are stunning in the most enjoyable way.  I could not imagine better sound and enjoyment. I could and am listening for hours at a time.

The transaction could not have been more professionally handled.  I could not have had better results if you had a shop down the street.

Top notch in every way.

My amps are Cary Audio 805 AE
My pre amp is Cary Audio SLP-05″

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Grant Fidelity selected as ‘Dedicated Worldwide Supplier of Upgrade Tubes for Audio Note Kits (ANK)’

ANK-Audiokits-Header-logoIt’s my privilege and honor to announce that Grant Fidelity has been selected by the highly regarded ANKits (ANK) team as their dedicated worldwide supplier of upgrade tubes for ANK customers. It’s a recognition of Grant Fidelity’s ongoing efforts to bring ‘High End, Not High Priced’ audio products to worldwide clients with integrity, honesty and quality.

Grant Fidelity would like to extend our warm welcome to ANKits owners / customers as Preferred Customers of Grant Fidelity (Psvane Tubes’ Worldwide Officially Authorized 5A Distributor and the only authorized reseller in North America).

As a Preferred customer, you will not only enjoy the quality that Grant Fidelity / Psvane Tubes represent, but also special discount on your selected purchases. When you are ready to place your order, simply contact Grant Fidelity by email with the ANK model you own, the upgrade tube model number you would like to purchase and quantity to request your preferred pricing invoice.

Grant Fidelity hope that through our product and service, we can enhance your enjoyment of the pleasure of high fidelity audio, especially ANK products.

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“Psvane 12AX7′s in the phone pre application?: Highly recommended”

TII 12at7 pair with boxFeedback received via email from Steve D.:

“Are those stupid Psvane 12AX7 T-II’s you guys sold me ever good! Instead of doing the standard PC audiophile “audition report” routine, permit me to be real. When I got into audio in a serious (i.e., a spiritual) way around 1999/2000, I found Arthur Salvatore’s new (back then) website (high-endaudio.com), and I have been a convert to low-level information retrieval ever since. My system is very biased towards this. I use a Jean Nantais Classic Lenco TT, with upgrades, which leads my vinyl front end (history will judge him as the Stradivarius of turntables, no exaggeration). George Wright’s (RIP) gem of a 12AX7 phono pre. Large double c-core passive TVC line stage. DIY crossover less full range speakers, 97 db/w/m.

My system won’t make the front of any audio mag, but it is very revealing. My initial impressions of the Psvane tubes in the Wright phono were: mids opened up first, dramatic increase in sound stage depth (plus other improvements); then same for bass; highs were the last to develop; getting better with every album.

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