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Last few quads of TungSol KT150 – Warehouse Clearance

tung-sol kt150 single with box

Check out our tube clearance for very limited quantity – First come, first served. No rain check on this model..

Purchase from HERE.

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What if a tube is ‘out of stock’?

When placing order on the website, you may be notified that a product is ‘out of stock’ at time of order or after the order is placed (we take many phone orders so the website stock level may not have been updated in real time).

When the product listing has ‘out-of-stock’ notice and if we have plan to re-stock it, we will be glad to accept pre-order with payment by credit card or Paypal. Your pre-order will have priority over others to be fulfilled once new stock arrives. Many GF Grade A tubes have waiting list once it becomes out of stock – these tubes are of limited quantity. First come first serves so please get your pre-order in line as soon as you can.

In each factory run of tube production, tubes meeting Grant Fidelity test method Grade A requirements are very limited (less than 25%). We will never ship lower quality grade tubes in order to fulfill shipment.

If a tube is out of stock and your order has been placed, we will email you in 24 hours letting you know of future stock availability. You have the option either to take an immediate full refund or your order will be in line among other pre-orders for guaranteed fulfillment from new arrival stock.

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