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A new addition to high end KT88: Cobalt Blue Super Tube (KT88-Z CB)

Sometimes we wonder if there is a limit of high end… apparently for tube producer from Asia, there is no limit yet!

This new custom version KT88-Z CB cobalt blue Super Tube seems have “surpassed the current high end KT88 tube offerings, in instrument separation and frequency extension on both ends”, according to factory in-house comparison to competition.

Order yours now to experience the new limit of ‘high end’…. KT88 doesn’t have to be low resolution as some people perceived!

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Treasure KT120-Z is back in stock, with a ‘blue’ twist!

The long out-of-stock Treasure KT120-Z is now back in stock for immediate shipping from Canada to worldwide!

It has a new ‘cobalt blue’ glass enclosure now to not only allow you to see the tube glow, but also better dissipate heat when tube is in action. We have done extensive work with factory to improve on tube stability, and apply a very strict selection process, including not only extended factory burn-in time, but also additional round of screening and re-testing in Canada before shipping to customer.

Order yours HERE before it is sold out again!

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1920’s True Mesh Type 50 Replica now available

Steve 50 amplifier

Instead of typical tech talk about a new tube launch, this time we have a story to tell about the type 50 replica tube’s birth… by Steve Berger, a long time audiophile and music lover resides in NY:

If you cannot wait to finish the whole story and wish to order right away, get to order page here.  

“Foreword by Steve Berger:

In the early 1990s I got a call from Vincent Gallo. He had seen an ad for a Gibson GA-50 guitar amplifier that I was selling.

When I walked into his apartment, performing delivery of the goods, Chet Baker’s “Happy Little Sunbeam” was playing on a system consisting of a Western Electric 91A 300B amplifier and a lone Western 757 speaker mounted on the wall.

I had never experienced such sound before: Chet’s trumpet was right there in the room!

This was my first introduction to directly heated triodes and my life would never be quite the same after that day.

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Another Treasure! – ‘Black Bottle’ 845-Z introductory pricing on

845-Z singleA new addition to the highly popular Shuguang Treasure series! We have brought in a very limited quantity to test market – if you are adventurous and experienced in tube rolling, we welcome you to take advantage of our introductory pricing and let us know how they compare to other 845′s on the market.  Order yours HERE.

Like the rest of the ‘Black Bottle’ original Treasure Series that was introduced back in 2008, this model is the first venture to introduce carbon coating to high voltage 845 tubes as a technical break-through.


– Carbon compound coating to quickly dissipate heat generated from tube operation to achieve a ‘self cooling’ effect, plus absorbing external interference

– High quality German cathode material and 10% more enlarged emission area than typical 845 tube to ensure sufficient emission at time of high dynamic signal playback

– High voltage resistance design to ensure no flashing short will occur in operation

– Pure 24k gold coated grid to reduce internal noise and reduce secondary grid emission

– Elegant design tube base and leave no finger print residual

– Gold coated tube pins to improve conductivity, reduce signal loss and improve output efficiency

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New ‘affordable and most reliable’ rectifier tube added – Psvane HiFi 5U4G

psvane 5U4G single - largeThis Psvane HiFi series 5U4G is claimed by factory as ‘the most reliable and affordable rectifier tube ever made’. It is a replica of NOS Phico black plate 5U4G rectifier, but maintained a very friendly price tag.

Rectifier tube is probably the most ‘consumed’ tube on a tube rectified amplifier. It will need to be replaced more frequently than a power tube over time, so reliability and price are both sensitive factors for tube amp owners. Now Psvane is offering a new option for tube amp owners who are not only cost conscious, but also sound driven. Click here to order yours.

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New addition: Treasure ‘black bottle’ KT120-Z

treasure KT120 quad boxGrant Fidelity has just sourced this new KT120-Z to the Treasure “black bottle” series with our Select quality grade, in response to the many requests from worldwide audiophile and music lovers.

With more and more KT120 based amplifiers available on the market, many audiophiles and music lovers are looking for an alternative to TungSol KT120 (which was the only KT120 available before Treasure KT120-Z) – to get a warmer, richer and lush sound.

Reviewer said: “Hi Rachel,

The KT-120s are broken-in now.  The bass is more than there.  Everything sounds excellent.  I have to finish a Synergistic Research review and then I’ll get on this one.  I have no desire to reinstall the Ayon Audio KT-88s if that tells you anything.  It will be a five star review. Thanks, Mike Girardi

Reviewer for

First batch will be of very limited quantity. Order now and claim yours as the world’s first group of customers!!

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New addition to Treasure series – 6SL7-Z and 6SN7SE

treasure 6SL7-Z single

We have just expanded the Treasure line to include 6SL7. This is a model frequently used in many preamps and power amps. It can replace Chinese 6N9P and are more warm / musical sounding by Russian 6SL7 to many Asian music lovers. Not it’s time for your ear to judge…To find out more details and place an order, please click here.


Treasure 6SN7SE pair in foamThe 2nd addition is a special edition globe shaped 6SN7 SE designed and produced by the Treasure team distributed exclusively by Grant Fidelity. Could this be the BEST current 6SN7 on the market as intended by the design team? We wait for worldwide audiophile to provide us feedback…With Grant Fidelity’s ultra tight selection criteria, this model is only available in very limited quantity. Check out details and place order here.

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Expedited shipping available for flat fee $25.00/order now

1) Expedited Shipping Upgrade for flat $25.00 per order:

We have been offering worldwide free airmail shipping for tube orders for a few years. Typical international airmail shipping could be 8-20 business days but courier can deliver a parcel in 5-7 business days in many cases.

In respond to buyer’s demand, now we are offering a flat fee expedited shipping option for all orders – the bigger order you place, the more saving you have as the expedited shipping is flat fee $25.00 only no matter how many tubes you order.  After placing / completing payment for your tube order on our site, simply use the ‘pay now’ button below to purchase your expedited shipping upgrade.

Expedited Shipping Upgrade for flat $25.00 per order:

DHL/Fedex/EMS Shipping Upgrade (note: our warehouse will decide which carrier to use. Buyer’s specific request cannot always be accommodated due to carrier shipping rate changes from time to time, but we will do our best):

We use DHL/Fedex/EMS solely at our choice depending on backlog of each courier to allow buyer to receive your order faster. (Please note this is not a guarantee for order arriving on certain date – shipping and customs speed is entirely out of our control, especially during holiday peak season.)

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Grant Fidelity selected as ‘Dedicated Worldwide Supplier of Upgrade Tubes for Audio Note Kits (ANK)’

ANK-Audiokits-Header-logoIt’s my privilege and honor to announce that Grant Fidelity has been selected by the highly regarded ANKits (ANK) team as their dedicated worldwide supplier of upgrade tubes for ANK customers. It’s a recognition of Grant Fidelity’s ongoing efforts to bring ‘High End, Not High Priced’ audio products to worldwide clients with integrity, honesty and quality.

Grant Fidelity would like to extend our warm welcome to ANKits owners / customers as Preferred Customers of Grant Fidelity (Psvane Tubes’ Worldwide Officially Authorized 5A Distributor and the only authorized reseller in North America).

As a Preferred customer, you will not only enjoy the quality that Grant Fidelity / Psvane Tubes represent, but also special discount on your selected purchases. When you are ready to place your order, simply contact Grant Fidelity by email with the ANK model you own, the upgrade tube model number you would like to purchase and quantity to request your preferred pricing invoice.

Grant Fidelity hope that through our product and service, we can enhance your enjoyment of the pleasure of high fidelity audio, especially ANK products.

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More affordable yet outstanding performance options available now – KT88-UK & 6SN7-UK

psvane 6SN7-UK single with box-small

psvane KT88-UK single with box-small

The newly launched Psvane KT88-UK and 6SN7-UK are filling the gap on the market for affordability and performance. Presenting a warm relaxed ‘British’ tube sound, these UK series will give you an excellent option when you consider to swap out your old tired generic tubes come from your amp manufacturer.

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