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12AX7LS – “Overall, amazing, musical, without sounding louder”

Feedback received via email:

“Hi Rachel,

I received the 12AX7LS super tubes and their performance is super!

Put the new tubes in and turn on, first 10 mins, comparing to Psvane 12AX7-TII…the new super tube has lower noise floor, sound is more dense and transparent, bass is deeper and better bass layering. Sound is richer and much more transparent.

I’m playing internet FM radio and it is finally making music now. Before that, I can hear it is digital and an inferior sound, but not anymore. I’m less critical of my internet FM radio through streamer and enjoying it. Vocals is more lifelike. No regrets buying this super tubes, high value and performance for the price paid. After playing 45mins, details are more resolved and soundstage is deeper. Seems to have better air around instruments. Overall, amazing, musical, without sounding louder. – J Pang”

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Psvane 12AX7-TII: “fuller body, bass is deeper and punchier, highs are more pristine”

Feedback received from customer on Psvane 12AX7-TII via email:

” I was very happy with the Psvane 12AX7-T compared to the NOS Electrohome 12AX7 which is Canadian 1963 produced tube that closely resembles Amperex Buggle Boy. This NOS tube is quiet like Psvane 12AX7 but the NOS tube is roll off on top and bottom while midrange has that clarity and bite that makes vocals sounds crisp. But prolong listening, it sounds like typical SET amp that accentuate midrange. When switch to Psvane 12AX7-T, it is just as quiet but has fuller body, bass is deeper and punchier, highs are more pristine. This makes orchestra music more complete and musical, satisfying. When I watch movies, I hear more ambiance cue and soundstage is larger. ” – Jimmy P.

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New feedback! “KT120-Z CB are definitely an upgrade over Tung-Sol… and very reliable”

I had the tested Tung-Sol KT-120. Installed on the Sonic Frontiers for quite a while. I installed these new PSAVANE KT-120 on the same amp hooked up to the top of the line Pathos «  In Control «  pre-amplifier. Speakers were the ProAc Response D20 R ( ribbon tweeter) and later, the new Martin Logan Electro-Motion hybrid electrostatic speakers.

Upon installing & biasing the new tubes on the D20R, I noticed a right away increase in transparency , detail in resolution. It became even more obvious when I upgraded the speaker cables to the new Cardas Cygnus.  Also, an increase in depth very noticeable with either set of cables.

Also with both set of speakers, there was no brightness at all with these new tubes. No forwardness either. Overall, these new KT120-(Z CB)are definitely an upgrade over the Tung-Sol. And so far, they have been very reliable. And they look good too.

Have a good day,


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WE274B: “the difference between those and the WEs are night and day”

WE274B replica-1Feedback from customer Albert W. via email:

“Hi Rachel,

Like the previous review on the psvane tube website I would have to second his opinion of these tubes. My previous tubes were a Shuguang 274B but the difference between those and the WEs are night and day. From the first start up, I’ve noticed that the background was much more black. Without a doubt the definition was superior along with the soundstage. The tubes may be pricey but I believe they are worth the extra cost. Thanks. Best Regards,  Albert”

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WE274B replica – “this tube is well worth every penny”

WE274B replica-1Feedback received from Thomas L. via email on WE274B replica:

“Hi Rachel,

  I just received my order of the WE274B last night.  I have to say I’m not sure what to expect, but hoping that the sound of my system doesn’t take a bad turn. The rectifier tubes that I had been using are Ken-Rad 5U4G and Amperex GZ34.  The 5U4G has a thicker sound where as the GZ34 seems to a little harder sound, better bass but less musical.

After plugging in the WE274B, without any music playing, my system seems very quiet.  It almost seems my system was not turned on.  When the music starts playing, music just emerged from the sound stage.  The Impression that I keep getting while listen to my system with this tube in my DAC was much better resolution, smooth, and punchier bass.  (Notice I said resolution, not detail.) Soundstage is more spacious and deeper.  Definitely less listening fatigue than when I had the GZ34 or the 5U4G in the DAC.  I have to say this tube is well worth every penny.”

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Black Treasure 12AX7-LS: “They are absolutely great”

treasure 12AX7LXFeedback received from Peter in Germany via email:

“These tubes really needs time (120+hr) to grow.  Now, they are absolutely great. The best i’ve ever heard before, period……I’m very happy too with the big sound of the LS-type in my big amp. Even after 72 hours they sounds good, but now, after 120+hours, I’m in heaven. Tonality, detail (!!!) and room are just great. An absolute notably improvement to the Psvane 12AX7. The warm, precise, detailed and big sound fit perfect to my preference.

This new tube-setup let me discover several tones, noises, coherence in my musics I’ve never heard before, incredible!


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‘The Psvane 12AU7-TII beats them a lot!’

TII EL84 pair with boxFeedback from a recent customer Denis who purchased Psvane 12AU7-TII (GF grade A):

“Bonjour at Grant Fidelity

My Psvane 12Au7 are in, and as soon as i put them in my Italian hi fi preamplifier i loved them immediately, i mean not the tube themself but the music coming out of them.
i own NOS Amperex 12AU7 that i found amazing but lacking top end absolute clarity and transparancy, and i also tried the new Northen Electric 12AU7 that a friend borrowed to me , but with them i feel an evident tonal inacurracy in the mid-range, especially in the piano and vocal.
The psvanes beats them a lot!! better musicality and clarity/definition

i am very happy with my purchase

Best regards


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“The realism is almost scary…” – Compatibility test done by Cary Audio for WE845 tubes

WE211 single largeFeedback received via email from Cary Audio’s technical staff about using WE845 in Cary amps:

” I was able to evaluate at least the aspects I was most concerned about, e.g. the dissipation factor in the 805 amps.  The 845 tube in these amps are biased right at the rated maximum for that tube, and I was concerned the Psvane version having only 75 watts of total dissipation might not work well in these units.  Since some of our customers had started using them I thought it would be a good idea to see if they in fact would survive.  In addition, I wanted to see if there was any improvement in the sound.  As it turned out the dissipation set in these amps with the samples sent were at about 115 watts per tube which is considerably above what they are rated for.  However, I let them play continuously for over a week and bias remained stable, and there was no red-plating.  In addition, the improvement in presentation was considerable.  I never noticed the graininess in the Chinese 845 tubes until I tried these.  The realism is almost scary with the Psvane tubes.  Soundstage more 3-D and centered.  Female vocals are like honey.  All and all these are a substantial improvement over the stock tubes, and I will begin to recommend them as upgrades.  I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate Grant Fidelity lending me these as they really put these amps in a whole new league.”

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Treasure 6SN7-SE Globe – TNT Audio review published

Treasure 6SN7SE pair in foamHere is what reviewer Mark Wheeler said about these globe shaped tubes:

“If your 6SN7’s are on show and there is space for them, there is every reason, sonic and aesthetic, to install the Shuguang Globe 6SN7-SE. In a high resolution system, especially of the low-to-no negative-feedback persuasion, these Shuguang globe 6SN7-SE bottles are the state of the new-wave-of-valve-production (NWOVP). So far Shuguang have not put a foot wrong and we can hope they continue to innovate new versions of those classic valves we all love.” Read the full review here.

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“Your (Treasure) 300B-Z is unreal”

SG-2A3-6Feedback received from customer Vismantas B via email:

“Wow, your 300bz  tubes are unreal… Sound is of another world, i use with lm-210ia amplifier .. Definitely i buy one more pair of these tubes:)”

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