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WE101D-: “That particular set of bulbs will make you go bunkers, really”

Psvane WE101D pin left D right D-LReview from Dawid from Poland in related to Lukasz Fikus devices:

“I hope that I was able to put it bluntly enough what Psvane WE101D-L are and why they outperformed their competition. It is what it is, at least for now. I’ve compared four sets of tubes for many days, each bulb had many hours of usage, so mechanical factors have no meaning here. Each was burned in long enough. Sure, it can always be said that you match tubes to your rig; speakers, amplifier and so on. Well, I’ve used the best stereo power amplifier I had, and three very different speakers. On top of that there was very various music list. But even despite that, final outcome of my small valve battle was exceptionally unequivocal. There’s nothing more to add here. I can only recommend WE101D-L to every DHT based source from Łukasz Fikus. That particular set of bulbs will make you go bonkers, really. Who has heard them, knows. Those are THE ones.

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