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Attention Cary amp owners: “Just follow me, all music lovers”!

cary 805 AD tube ampA feed back from (Thomas S.) a Norwegian with 55 years in the high fidelity hobby with almost no cost and effort spared in search to enjoy recorded music:

“Hi Rachel, Grant Fidelity.

I just wanted to give you a feedback on the tubes you just sold me.

I used to have Cary 211 AD, with  their  211 and 845  tube possibilities for amplifying. But, after serious trouble with one of the tubes, that caused me a dangerous repair ( done by myself – guided by Cary on the phone) – I gave them up. I thought  of the tube future
expenses  and problems  of a similar kind.

The last 10 years I have had the scaled down Cary 805 AD with the Cary SLP – 05 preamp. In the meanwhile I scaled up with Golden Dragon Premiere tubes all the way – as I thought they were good enough for me. This matched with Cary SACD player. Focal Speakers. Mundorf AMTs – from 5000 Hz and up. Backed up with Lyngdorf Millennium digital amp
and ProAc satellites behind the main speakers.

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6 weeks with Pavane 211 tubes

by Greg L:

Six Weeks With the New Pavane 211 Tubes

I had an opportunity to replace a pair of NOS RCA VT4-B (211) tubes in my Opera Consonance Cyber 211 amps with the new Pavane (Psvane) 211 tubes for six weeks this summer. I ran these tubes for a total of 67 hours during this period and have the following observations:

For the first three hours the Pavanes were rather harsh and a little spitty. Bias, which I set at the recommended 4.8 volts jumped around a little for the first couple hours and then settled down nicely and remained pretty steady for the remainder of the time I tested the tubes. After 3 hours the Pavanes began to sweeten up and open up to an extent I never heard with the stock Shuguang 211 tubes that came with the amp. Good clear sound stage, wonderful mids and treble, but bass lagging a bit when compared to NOS RCA and GE VT4-C tubes which I’ve listened to extensively in the same setup. Given the RCA VT4-B’s reputation as the premier NOS 211 tube this was not unexpected. These tubes seemed to plateau after 3 hours with the sound unchanged to my ears for another 37 hours.

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