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WE274B: “the difference between those and the WEs are night and day”

WE274B replica-1Feedback from customer Albert W. via email:

“Hi Rachel,

Like the previous review on the psvane tube website I would have to second his opinion of these tubes. My previous tubes were a Shuguang 274B but the difference between those and the WEs are night and day. From the first start up, I’ve noticed that the background was much more black. Without a doubt the definition was superior along with the soundstage. The tubes may be pricey but I believe they are worth the extra cost. Thanks. Best Regards,  Albert”

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WE274B replica – “this tube is well worth every penny”

WE274B replica-1Feedback received from Thomas L. via email on WE274B replica:

“Hi Rachel,

  I just received my order of the WE274B last night.  I have to say I’m not sure what to expect, but hoping that the sound of my system doesn’t take a bad turn. The rectifier tubes that I had been using are Ken-Rad 5U4G and Amperex GZ34.  The 5U4G has a thicker sound where as the GZ34 seems to a little harder sound, better bass but less musical.

After plugging in the WE274B, without any music playing, my system seems very quiet.  It almost seems my system was not turned on.  When the music starts playing, music just emerged from the sound stage.  The Impression that I keep getting while listen to my system with this tube in my DAC was much better resolution, smooth, and punchier bass.  (Notice I said resolution, not detail.) Soundstage is more spacious and deeper.  Definitely less listening fatigue than when I had the GZ34 or the 5U4G in the DAC.  I have to say this tube is well worth every penny.”

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Let’s hear what the pros say about WE274B / WE205D / WR2A3 / WE101D replica…

WR2A3 single tube no boxFeedback via email from Hans @ Musical Affairs in Netherlands – Musical Affairs is an European high end audio design house in Netherlands:

“We just finished a first listening test and here are some impressions:

WE274B – very impressive rectifier tube; by far the best we tried until now; a real good copy of the original WE tube!

WE205D – My friend Cees owns a nice collection of WE 205 vintage tubes; the oldest is from 1925 and further he owns the 1938 and 1947 versions; we compared them with your replica; to our impression the 1925 version was the best followed by your version.

WR2A3 – the real original WE sound; we are very much impressed by this tube.”

On WE101D-L:

“Dear Rachel,

As I promised you; here is a short review about the 101-D tube; my friend Cees wrote it;

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