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Let’s hear what the pros say about WE274B / WE205D / WR2A3 / WE101D replica…

WR2A3 single tube no boxFeedback via email from Hans @ Musical Affairs in Netherlands – Musical Affairs is an European high end audio design house in Netherlands:

“We just finished a first listening test and here are some impressions:

WE274B – very impressive rectifier tube; by far the best we tried until now; a real good copy of the original WE tube!

WE205D – My friend Cees owns a nice collection of WE 205 vintage tubes; the oldest is from 1925 and further he owns the 1938 and 1947 versions; we compared them with your replica; to our impression the 1925 version was the best followed by your version.

WR2A3 – the real original WE sound; we are very much impressed by this tube.”

On WE101D-L:

“Dear Rachel,

As I promised you; here is a short review about the 101-D tube; my friend Cees wrote it;

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