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“The realism is almost scary…” – Compatibility test done by Cary Audio for WE845 tubes

WE211 single largeFeedback received via email from Cary Audio’s technical staff about using WE845 in Cary amps:

” I was able to evaluate at least the aspects I was most concerned about, e.g. the dissipation factor in the 805 amps.  The 845 tube in these amps are biased right at the rated maximum for that tube, and I was concerned the Psvane version having only 75 watts of total dissipation might not work well in these units.  Since some of our customers had started using them I thought it would be a good idea to see if they in fact would survive.  In addition, I wanted to see if there was any improvement in the sound.  As it turned out the dissipation set in these amps with the samples sent were at about 115 watts per tube which is considerably above what they are rated for.  However, I let them play continuously for over a week and bias remained stable, and there was no red-plating.  In addition, the improvement in presentation was considerable.  I never noticed the graininess in the Chinese 845 tubes until I tried these.  The realism is almost scary with the Psvane tubes.  Soundstage more 3-D and centered.  Female vocals are like honey.  All and all these are a substantial improvement over the stock tubes, and I will begin to recommend them as upgrades.  I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate Grant Fidelity lending me these as they really put these amps in a whole new league.”

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Psvane 845-TII & WE845: “These are simply perfect tubes”

WE211 pair with box
Wall of Sound comparison review of Psvane 845-TII and Psvane WE845 Replica tubes by Tim Smith:

“Both the T-II and the WE Replica will instantly shock you with the way the make music seem louder, fuller, more complete, less thin (as if an 845 tube could be accused of thinness!) than the stock Psvane tubes that come with many high-end 845-based amps. Both tubes impart a sense of muscularity, bounciness, ease of musical flow. Jazz trios will flow like a smooth stream, especially with the T-II. Electric guitars will jump out at you with verve, bite. Cymbals will be better defined than with any other tube I have used. Strings are rich, deep, woody, ravishing. Drums will startle you. These are fast tubes. These are simply perfect tubes. They are clean, powerful, deep, holographic, warm and punchy. Highly recommended.” TII 845 pair with box

“The WE Replica is clearly a better all-around tube. It reduces noise and hum to the lowest possible level. Most people will love its deep, deep bass, its iron fisted grip on the music, its remarkable speed and boogie factor. It has bite with Bill Frisell’s electric guitar. This tube is like a Sanken solid state speed demon with the holography of a 300B. As I said, each tube is brilliant and a testament to Psvane’s engineering prowess, but this one has that little extra bit of bite, depth and speed. Who needs overpriced and warranty-less ‘NOS’ or OS RCA tubes when Psvane is making such fine products at a fraction of the price and with a warranty?”

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“Top Notch in Every Way.”

TII 845 pair with boxFeedback from customer Charlie V. via email:

“The difference between the Psvane (845) TII tubes and the stock tubes are like night and day on steroids.  I am glad I re-tubed the amp and pre-amp all at the same time.  What a marvelous difference.  The air, sparkle, tonality of the music as well as the sounds of the instruments are stunning in the most enjoyable way.  I could not imagine better sound and enjoyment. I could and am listening for hours at a time.

The transaction could not have been more professionally handled.  I could not have had better results if you had a shop down the street.

Top notch in every way.

My amps are Cary Audio 805 AE
My pre amp is Cary Audio SLP-05″

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“These (Psvane) WE845 (Replica) tubes are truly exceptional in every way!”

psvane WE845 pair with boxReview by Tom Scata:

“On 1/20/14 I received WE845 tubes from Grant Fidelity to use in my Mastersound Reference 845. My birthday was a couple of days later so I was able to convince my wife to allow me to splurge and purchase the quad of WE845 tubes. However I was a tad concerned because Western Electric never made an 845 tube and I wasn’t about to drop-in a quad of possibly “pseudo 845 tubes” which might possibly damage my $12.5K, 135lb, world-class, Mastersound Reference 845 SET amp! So I got in touch with Rachel at Grant Fidelity. She was quite pleasant and took the time to answer all my questions. I asked Rachel how Grant Fidelity could be selling replicas of a Western Electric 845 tube that never existed. She explained these WE845 tubes were voiced to sound like the Western Electric 284A tube, but were built to RCA 845 specifications. Doing that made them a direct drop-in replacement tube for any amp that uses 845 tubes. Feeling reassured these WE845 tubes were safe to use in my amp I ordered a quad of them. .

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“These Psvane 845T II will satisfy my quest for a better 845 tube for quite some time”

TII 845 pair with boxReview done by Audiokarma member ‘guystp’:  “PSVANE 845T II tubes- A few weeks ago, Rachel at Grant Fidelity handed me and pair of these tubes and asked me to try them out and possibly write a review on them. Of course, I’m all in for that! From the second I put these these in my Shuguang S845MK II amps, I heard a difference to the stock Shuguang tubes. Keeping things in perspective, the stock tubes cost approximately $200.00/pr. and the T II series from Psvane will run you $485.00 for a pair of GF’s grade A tubes. Therefore there should be a significant difference.

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How is 845 like when dead?

Some forum members had a shorted tube – here is a picture of how it looks like (credit to AudiogoN member ‘amfibius’) when the event happens:

Here are some explanation from Psvane tube engineer about the event:

1. The short (lighting show you have seen) on 845 tubes is caused by residual air in the vacuum tubes act with active materials on the cathode. When active materials (electron emission coating on the cathode) become detached from the cathode under extreme heat (1000V), it will act with the residual air in the tube causing a short (lightening arc). The residual air may not be present at factory final testing when the tube leaves factory, but during shipping/handling/or usage with time, very tiny amount of air could leak into the tube, especially these large sized vacuum tubes.

2. Very few tube factory still make 845 tubes nowadays – as far as I know, only Shuguang in China and KR Audio in Europe. KR 845 tubes have quality problems too such as red plate caused by over current, so Shuguang 845 tubes have been used on most modern 845 tube amps. Shuguang made a few different design 845 tubes in the past – including a metal plate 845C. The metal plate 845C tubes were considered best sounding among all past models but the metal plate soldering cannot handle extreme heat well, so historically there have been very high percentage failure rate (nearly 50%) so the metal plate 845C tube has disappeared from the market now.

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‘far more extended at the frequency extremes’

Feedback on AudiogoN:

10-07-10: Davvie
The major difference seems to be that the Psvane is far more extended at the frequency extremes,but at the same time has a far more richer harmonic presentation. Much like the qualities of NOS 845’s

In comparison to the others, the 845T, right out of the box, seems brighter. After about 10 hours I began to notice a difference. Compared to the 845B, they seem far more transparent but at the same time much cleaner. Bass tones and pitch definition are improved. String tone seems to be more open and extended even more than the 845M,but at the same time more relaxed and natural sounding.
I always thought the metal plate 845 sounded etched and
unnatural.The 845B seemed to be a good all- round well balanced sound.

The soundstaging qualities are improved as well. Front to back layering and placement of instruments is enhanced more than likely because the sound is more open. Your definitely getting more info without any added brightness,at least once they are sufficiently broken in.

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They replaced ‘holy grail’ metal plate 845W

from AudiogoN member:

I’ve had a pair for approximately 3 months and have nothing but praise for them. They replaced “Holy Grail” metal plate 845Ws, which I don’t miss at all. Dave

original post here:

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‘My jaw dropped’

Posted by customer Bill D – “I received the Psvane 845 about two weeks ago. I have a Triode Corporation of Japan 845SE on the showroom floor that uses 2A3 tubes to drive the 845’s. The tubes these replaced were the Shuguang B series.
When I first fired up the amp with the Psvane 845’s in place my jaw dropped! This was now an entirely new amp. Hall sounds that I hadn’t heard before were now an integral part of the music. 3D! The sound of the stock Tri 845SE is one of the best amps that I’ve heard and now it jumped up several notches with the new tubes. And these haven’t even broken in yet.”

Original thread here:

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