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Treasure 6SN7-SE Globe – TNT Audio review published

Treasure 6SN7SE pair in foamHere is what reviewer Mark Wheeler said about these globe shaped tubes:

“If your 6SN7’s are on show and there is space for them, there is every reason, sonic and aesthetic, to install the Shuguang Globe 6SN7-SE. In a high resolution system, especially of the low-to-no negative-feedback persuasion, these Shuguang globe 6SN7-SE bottles are the state of the new-wave-of-valve-production (NWOVP). So far Shuguang have not put a foot wrong and we can hope they continue to innovate new versions of those classic valves we all love.” Read the full review here.

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Attention Cary amp owners: “Just follow me, all music lovers”!

cary 805 AD tube ampA feed back from (Thomas S.) a Norwegian with 55 years in the high fidelity hobby with almost no cost and effort spared in search to enjoy recorded music:

“Hi Rachel, Grant Fidelity.

I just wanted to give you a feedback on the tubes you just sold me.

I used to have Cary 211 AD, with  their  211 and 845  tube possibilities for amplifying. But, after serious trouble with one of the tubes, that caused me a dangerous repair ( done by myself – guided by Cary on the phone) – I gave them up. I thought  of the tube future
expenses  and problems  of a similar kind.

The last 10 years I have had the scaled down Cary 805 AD with the Cary SLP – 05 preamp. In the meanwhile I scaled up with Golden Dragon Premiere tubes all the way – as I thought they were good enough for me. This matched with Cary SACD player. Focal Speakers. Mundorf AMTs – from 5000 Hz and up. Backed up with Lyngdorf Millennium digital amp
and ProAc satellites behind the main speakers.

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Psvane CV181-TII: “I can’t believe the difference they made.”

TII CV181 tubes pair with boxFeedback from customer Carlos via email:

“Whoa!!  My tubes arrived from Hong kong.  I swapped out the stock 6SN7s with the CV181-TIIs and let them warm up. Immediately the soundstage and imaging opened up without even being broken in.  I can’t believe the difference they made.  Most certainly worth the price.  Thanks. ”

” I don’t know all the ins and outs if all the tube rolling and technology. I do trust my ears and these tubes have really changed the sound for the better especially in the lower frequencies” – Carlos

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“Super punchy, dynamic, smooth & highly detailed…”

TII CV181 tubes pair box-2Feedback received via email from Ricky B.:

“The CV 181-TII aka 6SN7 is a remarkable tube. I will standardize my amps around its new standard of excellence.

Super punchy, dynamic, smooth and highly detailed in a non analytical way. Very beautiful tone and body.

And they have 2 hours of break-in!!!

Thanks for freeing me from the over priced and questionable sonic integrity NOS nonsense.”

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My search is over..

Feedback from customer Wayne R.:

“I received the Shuguang CV181-Z (6SN7) Treasures and a NOS 5AR4 and burned them in for a few hours yesterday.  Even though the LS100 and the tubes have only a few hours on them, I was quite unprepared for the sounds I heard during my first listening session.  For the first time in my audio life my speakers literally disappeared, and the imaging filling my room was almost palpable…very 3-D indeed, to the point of being almost scary-real.  I sat in wonderment; left wanting for nothing with the music being produced with such crystal clarity and startling precision from top to bottom.  I can only anticipate what further improvements may happen as both the preamp and tubes continue to settle in together.

To be brief, my searching for the next best preamp is over, as is my searching for the next best tubes to put in that preamp.  This combination has taken my humble audio system from good to “wow”!

… thanks also to Shuguang for producing a pair of tubes that have taken that preamp way over the top in audio quality.  Job well done!”

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‘it really beats all other 6SN7 I have tested’

from Sylvain in France by email:

the CV-181 is doing good after ~200h. IMHO this tube is quite perfect. As a simple driver tube, It provides a lot of control to the sound.

It took some time to get the voice-midrange right though. But now i think that the “rounding off” the notes is just occuring at a later state because of its prononounced articulation. After 5 hours burn in i was able to hear more but not that “rounding off”. Now, the voices are sounding much more natural and fluent…

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‘these are the most closely matched tubes I have ever bought’

by customer originally posted on AudiogoN:

Just recieved two pairs of CV181-Z ‘A’ Tubes from Grant Fidelity. They came in nice boxes, way over packed, and quick. I then tested them on my own Amplitrex 1000 tube tester, and, folks, these are the most closely matched tubes I have ever bought.

full thread here:

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‘These tubes well worth the price premium for those seeking the best’

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‘Now I can concentrate on music instead of equipment’

Feedback provided by email:

Hi Rachel,

I got the tubes Monday afternoon and installed them Tuesday AM. They have about 26 hours on them and sound very, very nice! The Treasures have about 160 hours on them and the combination of the two brands compliment each other very well. The specificty and weight of individual voices or instruments is unbelivable! I sat a few feet away from the sweet spot and the soundstage changed very little! I expected a little more detail but what blows me away is how natural and realistic the soundstage sounds. The air around Triangles and Cymbals and Brushes  is the best I have heard in my home. The Midrange and Bass is also astounding. I have owned some nice equiptment over the years including Watt 3 and Puppys driven by a Classee DR9 amp and DR6A Preamp and numerous Plinius products but this little combo is the best by quite a margin, that I have heard in my home. You would think the Harbeths cost megabucks! I can now concentrate on the misic instead of the equiptment.  I could go on and on but You get my Drift.  Thank you very much!
Best Regards,
David H.
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