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Psvane EL34PH Replica: “More transparent, has more bass punch…more dynamyc sound spectrum”

Psvane EL34PH box quad
Feedback received from Pierre O. by email:

“I pre-ordered my EL34 quadtube PSVANE PH metal base replica from Grant Fidelity.  If we were to put my customer experience on a scale from 1 to 10 I would rate it 10. Shipping was fast and included everything that was described on the website.  It even came in a big and solid box with a foam so that the tubes would arrive securely. The tubes did not even have a scratch on them and were a great liability. My power amp is a Lectron JH50 and the tubes I had at this time were Mullard’s B coded  double Halo XF2  made in England.  My ancient tubes were still in great conditions and working perfectly.  I switched them with my new El34 PSVANE ph metal base replica.  After around 50 to 60 hours of listening, I found out that these tubes were really faster than my ancient ones while keeping the same musical quality that I got from my Mullard’s XF2.  The EL34 ph metal base is much more transparent, has more bass punch, seems to have a more dynamyc sound spectrum. Each time a song changes flow, by being quieter or louder, the sound still seems alive and going.  PSVANE’S Ph metal base replica EL34 gave me the best sound I had in years, even beating my ancient tube.  They are clearly the best EL34 I ever put in my power amp and are probably the best new produced EL34 on the market right now.  Personally, they are the best I’ve seen and heard.

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