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“the presence of an edge now and then—had completely vanished with these Chinese tubes”

See what reviewer says about Psvane EL-84T tubes: “The matched pairs of EL84-T looked high quality with their gilded pins and felt reassuringly solid but how would they sound compared to the Russians? We had to be patient because the tubes had thus far endured only a few hours of playing time. Psvane suggests 75 to 100 hours to really get them going. We followed that advice and had the Kaivalya play at a very low volume for a few days. When show time was at hand, the difference to the ‘Russian sound’ was very clear. There was the same slam, quick impulse response to musical cues and solid soundscape but all with an extra. The impulse behavior was tighter and with a slightly fuller body as though now there was more mass behind the attack and the volts delivered had a higher charge. Compared to the Russians, tone was more polished around the edges and went down with a smoother finish. It is very likely that these Chinese tubes are less microphonic in character…..

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