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‘I heard farther into each performance, there is really nice dept…’

I have about ten hours into the new Psvane tubes so I bet they haven’t broken in yet.  I do want to post a very postive response to what I am hearing so far.

The tubes replace new Electro-Harmonix tubes, which had also replaced a variety of tubes to be top of the food chain over the last three years.  These tubes power a Juicey Music Tercel Phono Pre-amp which I built as a kit.  Before replacing the tubes with the Psvanes I took some note on what I heard in a variety of music (Rolling Stone “Stripped”, Mile Davis “So What”, and Loran Maazel’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”.  I’ll just comment that after the Psvanes started I found it very hard to be interesting in note taking.  I was thinking about what new music I could put them through.

I heard farther into each performance, there is really nice depth, natural tone, better clarity, more music.  I’ll be happy to listen to my collection of vinyl for some time and think it’s the first time.

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‘They best the much more expensive Siemens tubes, in every way’

About three weeks ago, I received four Psvane/Pavane 12AT7-T tubes for use as input and driver tubes in my Vacuum Tube Logic MB-125 monoblock amps. The Pavanes replaced a one-year old set of NOS Siemens ECC81s purchased from one of the best and most reliable tube vendors. I’ve owned the VTL amps for 11 years and previous input and driver tubes included the stock GEs, JAN Phillips, Sylvania gold pin 6201s, and two sets of the Siemens.

I didn’t expect the Pavanes to best the much more expensive Siemens tubes, but they most certainly did, and in every way. I’ve been a music lover and audiophile for 45 years, and I’m disgusting myself by writing this ridiculous rave review. But the Pavane tubes revealed details and harmonics in my favorite records that I’ve never heard before. The Pavanes are extremely quiet, have excellent frequency extension at both extremes, great micro- and macro-dynamics, outstanding body (something I’m very picky about), and wonderful delicacy. I listen to all types of music except rap and opera, and the Pavane tubes make everything sound better.

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‘fully Shuguang-ed Mac’

by customer Atom shop:

I’ve been familiar with the Chinese Shuguang brand of tubes for some time. I’ve got a very rare collection of the original nickel-plate 7025 Select Silver Series which went out of production long ago. Bellari used these in their early VP129 phono preamps. McIntosh has used the comparable grey-plate 12AX7 version in their gear. (my own Mac’s stock tubes)

A while back I upgraded my Mac 275 outputs to the Shuguang KT-88 Black Bottle series. THAT was no insignifigant improvement! What a gorgeous aural sensation.

Now come the Shuguang Psvane Reference Series. I got a pair of nicely-boxed 12Ax7’s to try between my Mac C2300 and same 275. No matter where I put them the result was another several notches higher in performance. 

Holy Freakin’ Crapolla! The short rewiew: greatly improved dynamics, wider and deeper soundstage, increased air and space in the upper octaves, more slam in the bottom and just plain better resolution in harmonic detail overall from top to bottom. If ‘it’ is there, you here it better. If ‘it’ doesn’t exist, there’s no filler added to color the sound. 

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