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12AX7LS – “Overall, amazing, musical, without sounding louder”

Feedback received via email:

“Hi Rachel,

I received the 12AX7LS super tubes and their performance is super!

Put the new tubes in and turn on, first 10 mins, comparing to Psvane 12AX7-TII…the new super tube has lower noise floor, sound is more dense and transparent, bass is deeper and better bass layering. Sound is richer and much more transparent.

I’m playing internet FM radio and it is finally making music now. Before that, I can hear it is digital and an inferior sound, but not anymore. I’m less critical of my internet FM radio through streamer and enjoying it. Vocals is more lifelike. No regrets buying this super tubes, high value and performance for the price paid. After playing 45mins, details are more resolved and soundstage is deeper. Seems to have better air around instruments. Overall, amazing, musical, without sounding louder. – J Pang”

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Psvane 12AX7-TII: “fuller body, bass is deeper and punchier, highs are more pristine”

Feedback received from customer on Psvane 12AX7-TII via email:

” I was very happy with the Psvane 12AX7-T compared to the NOS Electrohome 12AX7 which is Canadian 1963 produced tube that closely resembles Amperex Buggle Boy. This NOS tube is quiet like Psvane 12AX7 but the NOS tube is roll off on top and bottom while midrange has that clarity and bite that makes vocals sounds crisp. But prolong listening, it sounds like typical SET amp that accentuate midrange. When switch to Psvane 12AX7-T, it is just as quiet but has fuller body, bass is deeper and punchier, highs are more pristine. This makes orchestra music more complete and musical, satisfying. When I watch movies, I hear more ambiance cue and soundstage is larger. ” – Jimmy P.

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Black Treasure 12AX7-LS: “They are absolutely great”

treasure 12AX7LXFeedback received from Peter in Germany via email:

“These tubes really needs time (120+hr) to grow.  Now, they are absolutely great. The best i’ve ever heard before, period……I’m very happy too with the big sound of the LS-type in my big amp. Even after 72 hours they sounds good, but now, after 120+hours, I’m in heaven. Tonality, detail (!!!) and room are just great. An absolute notably improvement to the Psvane 12AX7. The warm, precise, detailed and big sound fit perfect to my preference.

This new tube-setup let me discover several tones, noises, coherence in my musics I’ve never heard before, incredible!


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“Psvane (12ax7-TII) is on par with the best… very quiet too”

TII 12ax7 pair tube boxFeedback received from Todd via email:

Rachel, I have had a couple of weeks to play with the Psvane 12AX7 Tubes. Very good! I own 10-12 sets of very good NOS 12AX7 tubes, some costing as much as $200 each. It is too early to say for certain, but at this point I feel like the Psvane is on par with the best. I have a lot of friends who are as nutty about tubes as me, and it is looking like I will be recommending Psvane from Grant Fidelity….

They are very quiet as well, which is a big deal since these are being used in a phono stage. The only ax7 tubes that I own that are quieter are  Telefunken tubes selected for use in medical equipment. – Todd”

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“Psvane 12AX7’s in the phone pre application?: Highly recommended”

TII 12at7 pair with boxFeedback received via email from Steve D.:

“Are those stupid Psvane 12AX7 T-II’s you guys sold me ever good! Instead of doing the standard PC audiophile “audition report” routine, permit me to be real. When I got into audio in a serious (i.e., a spiritual) way around 1999/2000, I found Arthur Salvatore’s new (back then) website (, and I have been a convert to low-level information retrieval ever since. My system is very biased towards this. I use a Jean Nantais Classic Lenco TT, with upgrades, which leads my vinyl front end (history will judge him as the Stradivarius of turntables, no exaggeration). George Wright’s (RIP) gem of a 12AX7 phono pre. Large double c-core passive TVC line stage. DIY crossover less full range speakers, 97 db/w/m.

My system won’t make the front of any audio mag, but it is very revealing. My initial impressions of the Psvane tubes in the Wright phono were: mids opened up first, dramatic increase in sound stage depth (plus other improvements); then same for bass; highs were the last to develop; getting better with every album.

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“The Psvane (12AX7-TII) were obviously better right out of the box”

TII 12ax7 pair tube boxFeedback received from Stephen D. via email:

“The Psvane (12AX7-TII) were obviously better right out of the box. Most importantly, I was hearing nuances that I hadn’t heard before. Better low-level information retrieval, which is the most critical sonic parameter, IMO. On Art Blakey / Jazz Messangers Three Blind Mice, the lead trumpet was more forward towards the mic, both spatially and sonically (in terms of amplitude – I’m still digesting this one, very different presentation). The music had all around better organization / less homogenized. Tone was excellent. Also listened to reissue of Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon and Clapton’s Unplugged, which were better than I had previously heard them.

The frequency extremes are slower than the mids to open up, but I only have 2.5 albums worth of listening, so far. My initial impression are that these T-IIs are an excellent choice in the phono preamp application in terms of sonics, and thus they offer good value. I’m looking forward to further re-visiting the mainstays of my vinyl collection to hear what I’ve been missing.”

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Psvane 12AX7-T: “Outperform all other current production and some late 50’s RCA long gray plate”

Feedback received from customer Michael H. by email:

“Hi Rachel.  Received the Psvane 12AX7’s yesterday.  My intent is to use them as the first stage in the phono section of my Rogue 99 Super Magnum pre amp and based on what I’ve heard so far they are going to perform that function admirably.  To break them in and get a feel for their performance/sound quality, I installed them in the V2 and V5 second voltage gain positions of my series IV McIntosh MC275. I have driven them with both a Telefunken ribbed plate 12AX7 and now a REAL Tungsol long Black Plate 12AX7 in V1 the first voltage stage/phase inverter.  The Psvanes clearly let me hear the differences in the two tubes.   I have had both new production and NOS tubes in these positions.  The Psvanes are the equal of the most recent (RCA black plate 5751’s and prior to that Real TungSol Long Gray plate 12AX7’s) and easily outperform all other current production and some late 50’s RCA long gray plate 12AX7’s.  And….that’s only with 16 hours on them. “

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“There is no going back…”

Feedback received via email from customer Chris in Australia:

“Hi there, Rachel, just wanted to let you know that the tubes arrived in top condition on Friday 8th. I popped the 12AX7-T in first for a few hours and although it needed at least a couple of hours to get over the light bass and slight tonal greyness, the transparency of these Psvane tubes is wonderful! After 9-10 hours it simply becomes an essential addition to the TRI amp! There’s no going back after that.

To keep it simple, Rachel, I gingerly replaced the stock output tubes with the KT88-Ts and all went well and two days later everything seems fine, don’t know what happened all those weeks ago.

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‘the clarity of the Psvane blew me away’

By Eirik A. via email:

“Put in the 12AX7 Psvane today replace Raytheon 1962 nos tubes .  The clarity of the psvane blew me away, wow…”

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“I could hear instruments that is not obvious previously”

Feedback from customer H. J by email from Malaysia:

“Hi again Rachel. I received a pair of premium grade A of 12AU7-T and 12AX7-T yesterday from Grant Fidelity of course and installed them in my Audio Space Line 3.1 preamp. Wow, the sound of the intruments ringing (extended), vocals much clearer with timbre improved, bass more solid, very musical and I could hear intruments that is not obvious previously. Great bang for bucks.”

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