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“KT88-TII is clearly the better tube”

TII KT88 pair with box pin2Feedback received from Dan via email:

“Comparing the Psvane T-ll to Penta Lab, generic “good” Shuguang and the great Gold Lion the Psvane KT88-ll is clearly the better tube. New right out of the box the T-ll sounds good but at about 200+ hours they best any KT88 made today that I know of. T-ll provides a large soundstage is extended with honest midrange but very balanced, the way the Psvane truly shines is in it’s ability to convey emotion. The T-ll is one very musical vacuum tube.

Regards Dan”

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KT88-TII.. ‘by far the best sounding KT88’s I have heard to date’

TII KT88 pair with box pin2

Feedback received via email from Alberta W.:

“I’d like to say that, it is by far the best sounding KT88s I’ve heard to date. I’ve tried Gold Lions and Penta KT88s but the Psvane Treasures leave them in the dust. Everything across the entire frequency range sounds better and more realistic. Clarity is also improved. Thank you!

Best Regards,


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Psvane KT88-TII vs. Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z vs. Original Mullard KT88

Comparison review by Gary S. – received by email:

Psvane KT88-TII vs. Shugang Treasure KT88-Z vs. original British Mullard comparison 

Recently I had the opportunity to compare two very interesting Chinese quads with a quad of vintage Mullard KT88. I have no vested interest in Psvane, Shugang or Grant Fidelity nor were any of these tubes given to me. I bought a matched quad of Psvane kt88-TII and a matched quad of Shugang KT88-Z was also available so I made this comparison and thought I would tell Grant Fidelity of my evaluation.

The preamp used is a McIntosh C2500 using vintage Tesla E83CC in place of the stock 12AX7A. The amplifier is a McIntosh MC275 V6 using Tesla E83CC and vintage Siemens ECC801S replacing the stock 12AT7. Vintage British Mullard KT88 is what I normally use and am familiar with. The speakers are a pair of Klipsch Forte II in parallel with Klipsch Chorus I running 4 ohms per channel to the MC275. The speakers have recent Crites crossovers and diaphragms. I have not had the opportunity to try the Shugang or Psvane 12AX7 or 12AT7 equivalents therefore those tubes are not included in this review.

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“There is no going back…”

Feedback received via email from customer Chris in Australia:

“Hi there, Rachel, just wanted to let you know that the tubes arrived in top condition on Friday 8th. I popped the 12AX7-T in first for a few hours and although it needed at least a couple of hours to get over the light bass and slight tonal greyness, the transparency of these Psvane tubes is wonderful! After 9-10 hours it simply becomes an essential addition to the TRI amp! There’s no going back after that.

To keep it simple, Rachel, I gingerly replaced the stock output tubes with the KT88-Ts and all went well and two days later everything seems fine, don’t know what happened all those weeks ago.

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Psvane KT88-TII: “sent goose bumps from my head to my toes”

Customer Jonathan M.’s feedback about Psvane KT88-TII tube upgrade from standard Shuguang KT88-98:

Hi Rachel,
WOW! That’s all I can say… Or, as John McEnroe used to say, “You cannot be serious”!
I have just finished listening to Supertramp’s Crime of the Century, and it is as if a veil has been lifted – I heard things I’d never before heard, but even better, the sound itself was so smooth and clean and tight and revealing and melodic and engaging… I have been listening to this album for 30 years and I feel like this was the first time I’d actually “heard” it.
The improvement over the stock tubes is quite amazing – sent  goose bumps from my head to my toes!
So, thanks again for your help along the road to real high fidelity.


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“I would have never thought possible”

Received from customer Lance L. via email:

“Hello Rachel: Just a line to let you know the 12AU7’S arrived on schedule. I have installed them and have only had a couple of hours of listening, but even in this short period of time I am starting to hear rather amazing sonic characteristics. The combination of the PSVANNE KT88’S and the 12AU7’S are creating a completely different sonic aura. I can already hear significant changes to my entire audible reproduction, that I would have never thought possible, especially in comparison to the GENALEX, TUNGSRAM; RCA NOS BLACK PLATES, and SHUGUANG tubes I have used previously. I am further impressed that the price point of the PSVANNE tubes is not “over the top” in comparison to many inferior tubes. I don’t know what the manufacturer is doing to achieve such incredible reproduction characteristics from their tubes, but it is definitely working.”

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Better Than the Treasures

Got the Psvanes. They replaced KT88 treasures and prior to that Pentas and gold lions. There’s just no comparison. If I had to really quantify what I’m hearing I would say the Psvanes just have confidence to sound amazing where as the treasures sound awesome, but polite and demur. in either case the treasures and the Psvanes beat the pants off of the GLs or anything else for that matter.
Pez on AudioCircle
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‘I’ve heard black and I’ll never go back.’

Feedback from customer Wayne:

Hi, Grant Fidelity–

Well, I finally got round to getting my new tubes installed in my MAC 275 this past weekend. Rather than run on at the mouth let me just say this. I’ve heard black and I’ll never go back. WOW!
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‘smooth clean highs, strong deep bass and all the other’

 Posted by happy customer John on AudiogoN: original post here:

 Shuguang Treasure tubes….
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‘IMO, the Treasures well worth the expenses’

by past customer KptKrunch – owner of Grant Fidelity A-88 tube amp:

Original post on

“Well – I didn’t do the exhaustive listening session I planned – didn’t need to. I put my GF A-88 amp in UL mode, put on some PJ Ten Redux, and listened to the first 5 tracks with all the stock Shuguang tubes for the GF A-88.  Music seemed very forward, Eddie Vedder sounded reproduced, not at all natural. In fact, I didn’t like the vocals much at all. The highs, cymbals in Alive for example, were very loud and distracting from the rest of the music. The Guitar sounded harsh. I then powered the amp off, waited a few minutes, and swapped out the stock KT-88’s with the Shuguang Treasures (tubes were really hot though let me tell you).

Listened to the same tracks again. Oh, forgot to mention, the A-88 is a manual bias amp, with the voltage recommended to be between .53 and .57 for the stock, and around .45 to .50 for the treasures. I set it to .55 for the stock (as that is how I had it before) and biased the Treasures to .50.

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