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Update: Adding Back in but with better quality – Shuguang Treasure KT88-Z & CV181-Z ‘Select’


New Addition!  – Nov 20th, 2013: Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z has been added back with same ‘Select’ quality as we did with the KT88-Z as described below. This model is highly popular with ModWright equipment and many high end pre-amplifier, integrated amplifier as driver tube, or in 845/805 type Monoblocks.  

Update – Aug 26, 2013: We are adding back in KT88-Z model of Shuguang Treasure black bottle tubes now (Aug 2013) with our newly formed quality control collaboration with Shuguang tube factory.

Grant Fidelity discontinued our offering the Treasure tubes in 2011 as the original ‘Treasure tube’ design team left Shuguang to form their own company ‘Psvane Audio’ and offer tubes under ‘Psvane’ brand. From 2011 to now, Shuguang has restructured its design team but the Treasure tubes have been sold through various channels with no clear quality indication. Grant Fidelity now has formed special collaboration with the Shuguang quality control team to ‘select, screen and supply’ tubes that Grant Fidelity deem to pass our quality requirement to meet customers’ needs for ‘once gone back, never look back’ :). (picture above: credit to KT88-Z owner Greg Lorenzo) 

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