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The confusion of Shuguang Treasure tube quality grade and price

The internet market place now has many vendors peddling the ‘black bottle’ Shuguang Treasure tubes at various prices for various grades. It has caused great confusion to consumers, if someone doesn’t want to take the time to read and understand about quality control and testing method to tubes.

Instead of answering the emails I have received one by one, here I will provide you the short answer when you see these descriptive words from a tube vendor:

Luxury, Gift Box, Premium = Export grade for western market = Expensive

For this quality grade, on the factory test card, you will see a small sticker like the picture below (if you don’t read Chinese, just think it as a picture -compare the first character to see if yours are the real Premium grade at least on paper):

Normal, paper box, Standard = so-so grade (these tubes light up and make sound, don’t expect too much more beyond that, but factory wouldn’t throw them in the garbage) = Cheap

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RMA Form

Please fill in the form below and contact us for a RMA form for your warranty return.

A copy of the form must be included with your parcel – we are not able to process your return unless the form is included.

Download RMA Form

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