“Your (Treasure) 300B-Z is unreal”

SG-2A3-6Feedback received from customer Vismantas B via email:

“Wow, your 300bz  tubes are unreal… Sound is of another world, i use with lm-210ia amplifier .. Definitely i buy one more pair of these tubes:)”

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Treasure KT120-Z: “I could live with this tube for a long time.”… “it is a steal”.

treasure KT120 quad boxIt is official! The Treasure KT120-Z has been reviewed by Stereotimes and here is what the reviewer said – “I could live with this tube for a long time.”… “It is a steal!”

The review was done with a high end Ayon integrated tube amp which uses KT88 and KT120 type tubes.

“On various cuts the Shuguang Treasure KT-120 tubes sounded more interconnected across the entire frequency spectrum. The Ayon Audio tubes seemed less controlled and transparent by comparison almost lacking in headroom and while the Shuguang Treasure KT-120 tubes were more illuminated in the midrange and high frequencies displaying a more live sound. I clearly preferred Shuguangs it to the Ayons.

Over the course of this review, some cable and system grounding changes were evaluated and based on the transparency of the Shuguang Treasure KT-120 tube, it was always easy to hear even the subtle differences each system change displayed.  You know what I really like about this tube in this application?  It’s the reliability.  I’ve power cycled my Ayon Audio Triton MKIII many times over the course of this review and have never once had a tube failure but I have almost a dozen tube failures with the stock tube.

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New ‘affordable and most reliable’ rectifier tube added – Psvane HiFi 5U4G

psvane 5U4G single - largeThis Psvane HiFi series 5U4G is claimed by factory as ‘the most reliable and affordable rectifier tube ever made’. It is a replica of NOS Phico black plate 5U4G rectifier, but maintained a very friendly price tag.

Rectifier tube is probably the most ‘consumed’ tube on a tube rectified amplifier. It will need to be replaced more frequently than a power tube over time, so reliability and price are both sensitive factors for tube amp owners. Now Psvane is offering a new option for tube amp owners who are not only cost conscious, but also sound driven. Click here to order yours.

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Attention Cary amp owners: “Just follow me, all music lovers”!

cary 805 AD tube ampA feed back from (Thomas S.) a Norwegian with 55 years in the high fidelity hobby with almost no cost and effort spared in search to enjoy recorded music:

“Hi Rachel, Grant Fidelity.

I just wanted to give you a feedback on the tubes you just sold me.

I used to have Cary 211 AD, with  their  211 and 845  tube possibilities for amplifying. But, after serious trouble with one of the tubes, that caused me a dangerous repair ( done by myself – guided by Cary on the phone) – I gave them up. I thought  of the tube future
expenses  and problems  of a similar kind.

The last 10 years I have had the scaled down Cary 805 AD with the Cary SLP – 05 preamp. In the meanwhile I scaled up with Golden Dragon Premiere tubes all the way – as I thought they were good enough for me. This matched with Cary SACD player. Focal Speakers. Mundorf AMTs – from 5000 Hz and up. Backed up with Lyngdorf Millennium digital amp
and ProAc satellites behind the main speakers.

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Treasure 6SL7-Z: “I have never heard bass like that from ANY amp”

Treasure 6SL7-Z pair in box with logoFeedback received from Nick B. in UK about Treasure 6SL7-Z:

“Hi Rachel,

I just thought I would drop you a note having put the 6SL7-Z tubes into my monobloc amps.

The only word I can think of to use is WOW!

I have never heard bass like that from ANY amp, never mind a valve amp. What a difference it has made to the music.”

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“KT88-TII is clearly the better tube”

TII KT88 pair with box pin2Feedback received from Dan via email:

“Comparing the Psvane T-ll to Penta Lab, generic “good” Shuguang and the great Gold Lion the Psvane KT88-ll is clearly the better tube. New right out of the box the T-ll sounds good but at about 200+ hours they best any KT88 made today that I know of. T-ll provides a large soundstage is extended with honest midrange but very balanced, the way the Psvane truly shines is in it’s ability to convey emotion. The T-ll is one very musical vacuum tube.

Regards Dan”

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Review published by TNT-Audio: “I have not heard a better current production 6SL7 from any manufacturer”

Treasure 6SL7-Z pair in box with logoTreasure is still a treasure 7 years after launched originally in Dec 2008. This is another addition to the series and quality carefully selected by Grant Fidelity for worldwide audiophiles and music lovers. Reviewer Mark Wheeler from TNT-Audio said:

“I have not heard a better current production 6SL7 from any manufacturer. NOS samples are too inconsistent to recommend. The 6SL7 double triode has always been one of the best choices for the tiny signals handled by phono-preamplifiers, typically achieving a low-noise transparency with a lush mid-band perfect for handling the human voice. The extra bass extension and bass definition of the Shuguang Treasure Series GF select (what a mouthful) would be enough to justify just over 200 bucks a pair in any phono-preamplifier over a grand. These 6SL7 samples add sharper transient-snap and timing too. The extra transparency and linearity that offers the greater scale and dynamics ices the cake sufficiently to justify two pairs, where possible, in a phono-preamplifier costing over 2000 Dollars or Euros. With valve equipment, the first tuning priority must be vibration isolation and the second tuning priority must be valve choice. With the tiny signals from phono cartridges, avoiding hum is an additional challenge, through careful earthing (grounding) arrangements and careful cable dressing. In a phono or microphone preamplifier, the 6SL7 is a great choice of amplifying device and the Shuguang Treasure 6SL7 may be the best of modern production.” Read full review here.

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New addition: Treasure ‘black bottle’ KT120-Z

treasure KT120 quad boxGrant Fidelity has just sourced this new KT120-Z to the Treasure “black bottle” series with our Select quality grade, in response to the many requests from worldwide audiophile and music lovers.

With more and more KT120 based amplifiers available on the market, many audiophiles and music lovers are looking for an alternative to TungSol KT120 (which was the only KT120 available before Treasure KT120-Z) – to get a warmer, richer and lush sound.

Reviewer said: “Hi Rachel,

The KT-120s are broken-in now.  The bass is more than there.  Everything sounds excellent.  I have to finish a Synergistic Research review and then I’ll get on this one.  I have no desire to reinstall the Ayon Audio KT-88s if that tells you anything.  It will be a five star review. Thanks, Mike Girardi

Reviewer for stereotimes.com

First batch will be of very limited quantity. Order now and claim yours as the world’s first group of customers!!

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“Yes. You read it right. The Psvane (WE300B replica) were most like the ’78 WEs.”

WE replica 300B single with boxRead the review by Dagogo.com reviewer Kevin Fiske – he compared the Psvane WE300B replica to the original WE300B ’78, ’88 and the re-issue ’98’:

On Sovtek 300B – “‘powerful bass, dry midrange, restricted top end – rather grey and dead sounding.’

On Psvane WE300B 1:1 replica: “We then changed to the Psvane WE Replicas, played the same tracks and were rewarded by a much more enhanced sense of dynamic flow, of micro dynamics and openness. My notes say: Voices comparatively glowing’, strings have a better sense of wood and gut.’ It was clear to all of us that the Psvanes were in a different league to the Sovteks.”

On Western Electric 300B ’98 re-issue: “the 98s sounded very different to the Psvane 300B replicas. The WEs struck all of us as being smoother and less granular, with a richer tonality in the midband but with less bite to the leading edge of notes, and less top end, too, than the Psvanes.”

On Western Electric 300B ’88: “I felt they were different to the ‘98s, but the differences were less so than those between the 98s and the Psvanes. I heard a slightly richer and more fleshed out midband than delivered by the ‘98s, but voices were smaller, as if the sonic picture had been through a too-hot wash cycle. They were very smooth and a bit recessed.”

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Immediate improvement heard when fitted in CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z

treasure 6SL7-Z singleFeedback received via email from Darren in Australia:

“Hello Rachel,

I just wanted to let you know the (KT88-Z, CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z) arrived yesterday.

I fitted the CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z first and listened to a significantly improved openness …

I should have done more  listening to get a better appreciation of the difference, but could not wait to add in the KT88 treasures

Again the sound was improved – less bass slam – tighter

I look forward to a longer burn in period to get the full appreciation, but first impression is that they are very nice.”

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