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Consumer Inquiry

The quickest way to get support is by email.  All sales and support of Psvane (Pavane) vacuum tubes from this site are provided by Grant Fidelity in Canada. If you have purchased your tube(s) elsewhere then you will need to contact your seller.

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Wholesale Inquiry 

If you are an established tube reseller or a tube amp manufacturer, and would like to purchase tubes in bulk quantity for resale, please following the steps below to inquire about wholesale price:

1) Provide us your business website address

2) Provide the exact model and quantity of the tubes you are interested in purchasing

3) Provide us your intended resale territory / market / country

4) Provide us your shipping address including postal code

5) Please use the above Contact Grant Fidelity Now link to send us all above information by email. 

We will reply to your inquiry as soon as we can and appreciate your interest in our products.

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