Shipping – Vacuum Tubes

Products purchased from this website are by default shipped from Canadian warehouse. Occasionally some order is shipped from Hong Kong if it’s for non-standard stocking unit.

In the world of advanced logistics management, the less inventory being moved around unnecessarily, the more savings are reserved for the buyer as we do not need to add the inventory handling / holding cost to the final product price.

We reserve the right to cancel an order and/or not to ship to certain countries  by airmail shipping due to unreliable mail delivery experience in the past with these countries. 

FREE Shipping

By default, we offer worldwide free international airmail shipping for order to all countries except on very special cases. Single tube or special matching tube order is subject to surcharge for shipping from Canada.

Special Notice about Free Airmail shipping by Canada Post: 

Canada Post airmail parcel is an affordable way to ship small parcels from Canada to worldwide – it has NO live tracking but Canada Post has their internal reference number to trace the parcel if it is not received within 45 days (6 weeks) AFTER Canada Post posted delivery time frame (usually 8 to 12 business days in North America, 3-4 weeks for Europe or Australia).

If you do not receive your parcel within such a time frame, please contact your country’s post office and file a ‘lost parcel’ claim. Once such a case fully investigated by Canada Post upon receiving counter country’s claim, we will be notified ‘parcel lost confirmed’ status. we cannot process a lost parcel claim based on customers’ verbal report or emails only. You must wait for the two countries’ postal system to complete their investigation process, which can be very lengthy.

If you are not 100% confident with your country’s mail delivery, we strongly urge you to use our Expedited Shipping Upgrade to ship with full tracking at small extra cost. 


Please read below before you place your order, so that you have better understanding of what to expect in terms of delivery time etc..

Payment Processing Safety & Security

When you complete payment from our website, ‘add to cart’ buttons will lead you to Paypal Checkout page – We do not store any of your credit card information on our website or server. All your confidential financial information will only be processed through Paypal – we do not see your bank account number or your credit card number at our end at all. Please purchase with absolute confidence.

1.65% Insurance fee – Mandatory for all carrier

Under items prices on the checkout page, there is an item called ‘postage and packaging‘ – this amount equals to 1.65% of your order amount as insurance charges (sorry Paypal doesn’t allow us to change the wording of this % based billing item) – this amount is mandatory for all carriers for shipment insurance, as tubes are highly fragile for handling, and in very rare cases, a parcel could be lost by carrier especially during peak shipping season. With this 1.65% insurance amount paid by buyers, we will replace any confirmed lost parcel, and provide replacement on any confirmed damaged parcel under our ‘special glassware insurance’ policy.


Processing Time

We will ship your order in 3 business days if they are in stock. If a product is out of stock, we will notify you in 24 hours. You have the choice of either keeping your order waiting for delivery at a later time (many Grade A tubes have a waiting list once out of stock due to limited quantity available), or receive full refund in 24 hours.

If you have ordered extra burn-in services for your tube order, please note that # of days will be added to processing time = hrs of burn-in / 8 hrs working day in average.


Ship to Countries

We ship tubes to nearly all countries based on availability of reliable postage services

When you fill out your order on this website, you will be able to pick your country from the drop down list during check out. If your country is not included in the list, please contact us for shipping availability and freight quote.


Expedited Shipping Carriers and conditions: 

1. Purchase expedited shipping for only $25.00 flat: 

You have an option to pay $25.00 to purchase our flat rate expedited shipping upgrade to have your order shipped by courier (Fedex, DHL or Postal EMS – at our discretion due to customs requirement). This is a flat fee per order and you can purchase as many tubes as you want and only pay $25.00 to upgrade your shipping all together as one order.

Flat rate express shipping service is available to most Western European countries, USA and Canada. Some countries may have exceptionally high courier charges due to political and economical reasons. We serve the right to cancel Expedited Shipping order if we cannot fulfill express shipping at reasonable variation from the set flat rate.

You can purchase the shipping upgrade here immediately after you complete your order. We will be able to match your expedite request with your order by your payment email.

DHL/Fedex/EMS Shipping Upgrade:

2. Our choice of order fulfillment carrier:

We reserve the right to ship with our selected carrier to ensure quality service and affordable pricing. If you have special request, please let us know when you place your order. There may be shipping surcharges in order to accommodate your special request.


3. Provide your street address and valid phone number

When filling in your order, please make sure to provide a street delivery address and a valid phone number (Most couriers cannot deliver to PO Box and they need a valid phone number for delivery or customs clearance).

Please make sure your shipping address in Paypal is Up To Date and Valid. 

DHL Express offers sms text messaging services to parcel recipients before delivery. We strongly recommend you to leave your mobile cell phone number with your order in order to receive delivery notification via text message.

4. Our choice of order fulfillment warehouse

We reserve the right to fulfill your order from either our Canadian warehouse or Hong Kong warehouse based on stock availability. Buyers cannot request which warehouse their orders are shipped from since this is unpredictable at times. Both warehouses stock has exactly the same quality – Canadian warehouse is stocked from Hong Kong warehouse primarily for warranty purpose in small quantity.


5. Destination customs duty, tax and fees

Buyers are responsible for any customs processing fees, duty or sales taxes charged by the courier in your destination country. The shipping fees included in the price at the time of order only covers freight, not duty or destination country’s sales taxes.


6. Canada Post airmail tracking

Canada Post airmail parcel is an affordable way to ship small parcels from Canada to worldwide – it has NO live tracking but Canada Post has their internal reference number to trace the parcel if it is not received within 45 days (6 weeks) AFTER Canada Post posted delivery time frame (usually 8 to 12 business days in North America, 2-3 weeks for Europe or Australia). Please allow such delivery time before you contact us for shipment tracing and claim a lost parcel. Order will not be replaced until the carrier (Canada Post) has provided written confirmation of ‘lost’ status of the parcel. We cannot process a lost parcel claim based on customers’ verbal report or emails only.


7. Check your email and spam folder for shipment status

Please check the email you used in placing order to receive order status update. Check your spam folder as well to make sure your important email is not filtered. Once the order status is updated to ‘in process’ by Paypal notification, the order has been picked and packed at the warehouse. If you need a live tracking number, please contact us by email after 3 business days of placing order. We do not link warehouse to your paypal account for auto live tracking due to security caution.


8. Parcel damages in transit

If you receive a parcel with visible damages from the carrier, please follow the carrier’s instructions and file damage claim with carrier immediately and send us a copy of the claim. Please immediately report it to the courier by contacting their customer service with your parcel tracking number. Please also keep pictures of the damaged parcel in case they need them for insurance claim. We are not able to file such a claim on behalf of you as carrier representative in your country will need to contact you for claim investigation and processing. We are in a different country and our claim is not accepted by the carrier in destination country.


9. Glassware not insured by carrier

Many carriers have a condition that shipping insurance does not covering glassware. If that is the case, and if your tubes arrive broken inside the parcel, you must contact us within 3 days with pictures of the damages. Our insurance surcharge (itemized as ‘postage and packaging’) that you have paid during checkout will cover glassware breakage. The recipient is responsible for sending back the damaged tubes to our Canadian warehouse (this is a must as we need to return the tubes to factory for replacement). We will be responsible for paying for shipping the replacement tubes. We understand this is unfortunate but it’s the risk that buyers have to assume for ordering glassware by mail order. We will do our best to protect the tubes as much as we can for safe shipping.


10. Order shipped to billing address 

We reserve the right to verify an order’s delivery address, which must match the billing address of the payment method used. If there is an error in the shipping address that you have provided, we are not responsible for any fees incurred by changing the address with the courier. Non-delivery parcel due to wrong shipping address is also the customer’s sole responsibility and return shipping to warehouse will be charged to the buyer on the order. Buyer is responsible to make pre-arrangement for taking delivery when the parcel arrives – if you have plans for vacation etc please time the order properly so that delivery can be done successfully. We are not responsible for non-delivery parcel in such cases.


11. Allow your country’s customs to reach you for parcel clearance

Please provide a valid phone number in your order to ensure your country’s customs agency can contact you for clearing the parcel through customs. Otherwise your parcel may be forfeited by customs due to lengthy no response or no way of contacting you timely. Grant Fidelity is not responsible for loss of parcel in such a circumstance. If a parcel is returned to our warehouse due to no response from a recipient at a destination country, we reserve the right to charge the return shipping fees and re-importation charges back to the recipient.


Having said the above, we hope everyone gets their purchase timely, safe and sound.

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