Warranty & Return – Vacuum Tubes

All vacuum tubes sales are final except specially approved by us before your purchase. We provide warranty replacement as per conditions listed on this website. No refund is provided once order is placed.

All tubes were tested before stored into our warehouse and they pass the designated quality level as declared on this website. Tubes are highly fragile glassware that could be damaged internally in transit – this is covered by our warranty as long as you report the issue within 7 days of receiving the tubes. Shipping damage is not a ground for requesting refund – shipping risk is a shared risk between buyer and seller for internet orders. If you are NOT prepared to share such risk by paying to ship the damaged tubes back to us, please do NOT proceed with placing an order on this site. Once order placed, we take it as you agreed to understand the risk and share the risk with us, then we will do our best to provide warranty replacement as soon as possible for you.

All vacuum tubes come with 90 days limited warranty unless otherwise mentioned on the product listing page.

Tubes are electronic parts – we as a vendor sell them as electronic parts with specifications meeting certain quality level as listed on this site. We do not sell sound because tubes are only part of a playback system – we cannot predict or guarantee or warrant what sound you get from your system. If for some reason the sound doesn’t seem to appeal to you, please feel free to resell the tubes privately on many online e-commerce resources.

We strongly recommend you to read as much as you can about past customer feedback before you make a purchase. Keep in mind that tube sound evaluation is highly subjective and can be different from one system to the other. Past customer feedback is for your reference only and it is not what we warrant for your setup.

Tube warranty is on manufacturer defects and electronic specification of the tubes only. When you use tubes other than what were provided by your tube audio equipment vendor, you will bear the risk of incompatibility between the newly-purchased non-stock tubes and your audio equipment. If such incompatibility happens, please feel free to resell your tubes privately. We cannot accept tubes returned for incompatibility because we do not sell used tubes. There is active market for used tubes on eBay or AudigoN with many buyers worldwide.

All vacuum tubes come with 90 days limited warranty unless otherwise mentioned on the product listing page. Such a warranty covers manufacturer defects but not improper usage by the end user. Please note that a defective tube will usually fail in 30 days of normal use and we will provide replacement free of charge except shipping.

Exclusive remedy: Any implied warranty related to products purchased from this website shall be limited to the duration of the above limited warranty period and the seller reserves the right to replace or refund at its sole discretion. Under no circumstances the seller is liable for any consequential or incidental damages or losses. Buyers should check with their amplifier manufacturer to make sure the tubes you install to your amplifier is compatible to your amplifier’s design. We are not able to give you advice as we do not have information of your amplifier. This is also to ensure you will not void your amplifier warranty by installing tubes other than what the manufacturer has provided.

All warranty return must be sent to our Canadian warehouse as instructed for examination. We will notify you if the reported problem is not covered by warranty.

Customers are responsible for returning the products to our warehouses and we will cover shipping replacement back to customers.

All returns must have a RMA number obtained from us, accompanied with a RMA form in order for us to timely process your return. We reserve the right not to accept a return without a RMA form.

Download RMA Form


Thank you for your attention to the above. We hope this will help us to process all warranty smoothly and efficiently.

By making a purchase on this website, you are expressing explicit agreement to all terms and conditions listed on this website and you may not re-negotiate or dispute the terms after orders are placed or received.  Please communicate BEFORE an order is placed.

Thank you.

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