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This website is dedicated to two high end audio tube brands made in China –


Psvane (pronounced as ‘Pavane’) (owned and produced by Psvane Audio)


Shuguang Treasure (owned and produced by Shuguang Group)


This website is managed by Grant Fidelity in Canada with mission statement of:

To Be the most reliable source on the internet to provide the Very BEST quality Chinese high end audio tubes worldwide“.

Tubes are priced according to its quality grade.


We do not aim to be the cheapest tube vendor, because business general rules are ‘you get what you paid for’.

We aim to be the best in quality, service, honesty and integrity.

We are in business for over a decade now and have served thousands of happy tube customers worldwide. 

Not every ‘Made in China’ tube is crap like some audiophiles claimed. But many crap Chinese tubes are sold on eBay to worldwide. Please shop WISELY. 


We help every high end customer who cares about quality to screen out the crap, and serve you only the best possible tubes from Shuguang and Psvane.



About Shuguang:

Shuguang is the oldest and largest tube manufacturer in China and worldwide, established in 1958 by engineers educated and trained in the United States in the 1930-1940s. Shuguang’s vacuum tube production accounts for the world’s 60% total tube output nowadays, either under their own brand “Shuguang” or under OEM brands.

Generic Shuguang tubes come in clear glass enclosure. The ‘Shuguang Treasure’  series comes with carbon compound black coating inside the tubes making them appearing to be ‘black bottle’. They were released in Dec 2008 to celebrate Shuguang’s 50th anniversary and technology advancement and first brought by Grant Fidelity to worldwide market outside of China. New MKII series on certain tube models (such as KT120 and KT88) were added in 2017 with a cobalt blue glass enclosure.

About Psvane: 

After launching the Treasure series in 2008, a team inside Shuguang has been developing new additions to its high end tube line to include large power tubes and small preamp tubes. With venture capital from UK and countless testing by Treasure series’ original design team, a new series called “Psvane” (pronounced as ‘Pavane’ – the brand is created from the inspiration of the 17th century classic music dance) T-series was born in Aug 2010. The Psvane series is a further fine tuning over the Treasure series, and the brand is owned by a separate entity other than Shuguang Group itself. Since Nov 2011, Psvane brand has officially become independent from Shuguang and production has been removed from Shuguang. New Psvane Audio manufacturing facility was acquired from Guiguang Tube Factory and has been expanding over time. The latest tube series from Psvane is called TII series – with grey color carbon coating inside, referred as ‘grey bottle’.

To know who is Psvane and the story between Shuguang Treasure and Psvane brand, read our post:                                                      Who is Psvane?


To understand how we control tube quality and how tube orders are shipped and the warranty policy, please read the following web pages before placing your order:







About Grant Fidelity: 

Grant Fidelity is the largest reseller of Psvane tubes worldwide. We provide GF (Grant Fidelity) Grade A Psvane vacuum tubes and GF-Select grade Shuguang Treasure tubes to consumers and support industry members worldwide. Our tube quality is further selected from factory quality by implementing our own screening criteria.

This website is to provide official information on the Psvane (Pavane) and Treasure tubes based on our first hand experience. This is also a place for you to read feedback from past customers and professional reviewers – reviews are categorized on the web page right side colume by tube models.

Please note that when you place an order on this website, your payment is made to Audio For Less Ltd (Hong Kong), a strategic partner of Grant Fidelity out of Hong Kong to provide worldwide order fulfillment. This is necessary in order for tubes clearing customs for export from China. No sales tax is added at the time of purchase as orders shipped from Hong Kong will be taxed at the time of importation at destination country. Such taxes are usually collected at the time of delivery by the courier directly from buyers. Orders from Canadian buyers, if shipped from Grant Fidelity warehouse in Canada will be required to pay GST/HST before shipping. Read more about in’s and out’s of international customs brokerage.

Grant Fidelity will provide support and warranty for all customers. Please purchase with absolute confidence. Any questions please also direct to Grant Fidelity through the contact page.

If you come to this site without knowing who is Grant Fidelity -please do visit www.grantfidelity.com for more information and read our past customers’ feedback. Grant Fidelity specializes in distributing high end audio with honesty and integrity.

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