Psvane HiFi series Vacuum Tubes

5U4G (pair or single)

This Psvane HiFi series 5U4G is claimed by factory as 'the most reliable and affordable rectifier tube ever made'. It is a replica of NOS Phico black plate 5U4G rectifier, but maintained a very friendly price tag. Rectifier tube is More Info »
Price: $100.00

5881 (Quad)

These are the latest release from Psvane Audio as their affordable series for everyone. It inherits the warm sound of Chinese 5881 tubes compared to the dry sounding Russian tubes, but also offer you incredible details at a small price More Info »
Price: $136.00

101D (pair)

Specifications: Typical working parameter UH                                4.5      V IH                                1.0      A Ua                                190     V Ug                               -14     V Ia                                10       mA Amplification factor              6.2 output power                      ≥     200     m W   Direct Interelectrode Capacitances input                              6.4       pF output                              4.4       pF gride More Info »
Price: $190.00$158.00

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