12AX7-TII (pair)

Specially selected for strong plate current and low noise - highly recommended for pre-amp and phono stage.  The TII series 12AX7 remain the same as the T-series except the packaging changes.   Heater Uf-----------------6.3(in parallel) 12.6(in serial) V If-------------------0.30 0.15 More Info »
Price: $99.00

Treasure12AX7 LS Super Tube Special Edition (pair, low noise, triple mica, Black bottle)

Description: This 12AX7 LS special edition model is developed for the high end guitar amp market for its wonderful tonality, and also work extremely well for the ultra-fidelity audiophile market. Small signal tubes are all about eliminating tube internal noise More Info »
Price: $149.00$129.00

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