6SN7 aka CV181

CV181-TII aka 6SN7 (pair or single)

Q: What is new with Psvane TII series vacuum tubes? A: The improvement and modification of TII series compared to the previous T-series include: Crystallized carbon grey coating inside the tube: This makes the TII series tubes to be a 'grey More Info »
Price: $290.00

1. CV181-Z Select (pair, equivalent to 6SN7)

Notice: We are adding back in the Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z black bottle tubes in Nov 2013 to meet customers’ demands for ‘black bottle’ tubes (vs. Psvane Audio’s grey bottle Psvane CV181-TII tubes). With collaboration with Shuguang’s quality control team, we More Info »
Price: $199.00

1. Treasure Globe 6SN7-SE (pair, GF Limited Special Edition)

"Could this be the next best 6SN7 on the market today?" - this is no doubt the ambition in the design team's mind when they bring this model to the market! One very experienced distributor / dealer for ultra high end More Info »
Price: $375.00

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