Proto 845MG Metal Graphite Plate Vacuum Tubes (pair)

845MG full tube singleThe highly regarded 'musical and dynamic sounding' metal plate 845 tube is back to the market again ... this time with a 'twist'! Metal plate 845 was originally made back in 1930's and throughout audiophile community in modern days, metal More Info »
Price: $699.00$499.00

Psvane WE845 Western Electric Replica tubes (pair)

psvane WE845 pair with boxHistory of 845 tubes:  845 tubes were first introduced by RCA in early 1930s to compete with then industry leader Western Electric. This is also the first 3-element vacuum tube to delivery 60 watts per channel power when used in More Info »
Price: $799.00$699.00

Treasure 845-Z Select (pair)

845-Z singleA new addition to the highly popular Shuguang Treasure series! We have brought in limited quantity hand picked tubes to test market - if you are adventurous and experienced in tube rolling, we welcome you to take advantage of our More Info »
Price: $749.00$614.00

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