2A3-Z (pair)

True “Treasure” as a result of Shuguang’s 50 years of expertise in vacuum tube design and production.

High Polymer Compound Carbon (HPCC) coating is for the first time used on vacuum tube production. Compared to traditional carbon spray technology, HPCC coating will allow greater concentration of electrons, enhance and maintain stability of the electron flow, maximize “secondary electron emission surpression” from the glass enclosure, in turn reduce effects of electron swirl which generates internal noises from the vacuum tube itself.

‘Super Alloy’ technology is for the first time used in constructing vacuum tube. ‘Super Alloy’ technology was invented and first used in aviation, aerospace, military and other high-tech area. After 3 years of testing under extreme conditions, Shuguang has successfully adopt such technology in vacuum tube constructing to achieve directional solidification and single crystallization, greatly improving the ability of electron emission and electron current stability.

  • Improved vacuuming technology during production process to clear signal background
  • Key assembling process is manually completed by a small number of senior technicians with 30+ years of experience.
  • 60 extra parts selection and matching processes are adopted to ensure premium quality tubes, compared to the Shuguang generic clear glass tubes.
  • Premium Grade matched right out of factory to serve outside of China market
  • Interchangable with 2A3 family of tubes
  • Suggested burn-in time 150-300 hours. Most changes happen in the first 150 hours.

Download Treasure 2A3-Z Spec Sheet

Update:  For limited time, we are offering free upgrade from Treasure 2A3-Z to Psvane 2A3-T GF Grade A tubes at discounted price. If you accept the switch and upgrade, please proceed with your order below. Otherwise please do NOT place an order as we no longer have stock of Treasure 2A3-Z. 


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