Product Category: EL34 aka 6CA7

6CA7-TII aka EL34 (pair or single)

Q: What is new with Psvane TII series vacuum tubes? A: The improvement and modification of TII series compared to the previous T-series include: Crystallized carbon grey coating inside the tube: This makes the TII series tubes to be a 'grey More Info »
Price: $320.00

Psvane Philips Holland Metal Base Replica EL34PH (quad)

The BEST Seller EL34 tubes in our offering!  EL34 is a widely used vacuum tube model for guitar amps and home stereo amplifiers. Why EL34 not other tubes? - EL34 has unmatched musicality when compared with KT88 tubes, which offer More Info »
Price: $399.00$349.00

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