Product Category: EL34 aka 6CA7

1. EL34 HiFi Series (Quad)

These are the latest release from Psvane Audio as their affordable series for everyone. It inherits the warm sound of Chinese EL34 tubes compared to the dry sounding Russian tubes, but also offer you incredible details at a small price More Info »
Price: $136.00

6CA7-TII aka EL34 (pair or single)

Q: What is new with Psvane TII series vacuum tubes? A: The improvement and modification of TII series compared to the previous T-series include: Crystallized carbon grey coating inside the tube: This makes the TII series tubes to be a 'grey More Info »
Price: $320.00

Psvane Philips Holland Metal Base Replica EL34PH (quad)

The BEST Seller EL34 tubes in our offering!  EL34 is a widely used vacuum tube model for guitar amps and home stereo amplifiers. Why EL34 not other tubes? - EL34 has unmatched musicality when compared with KT88 tubes, which offer More Info »
Price: $399.00$349.00

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