CV181-T (6SN7) – Pair or Single

 The Psvane T-series black bottle tubes are a further development over the highly sought after Shuguang Treasure Z-series, which was originally first launched by Grant Fidelity in Jan 2009 in North America as Shuguang’s first take on high end vacuum tubes.

The elite team of engineers who contributed to the Treasure Z-series have done further fine tuning of the Z-series in the past few years. The further development has created a new series called Psvane T-series which including 3 black bottle models for the time being – KT88, 300B and 6SN7 (CV181). The Psvane T-series is considered as MKII version of the Treasure Z-series, but the brand of Psvane is under different ownership backed by venture capital in other countries and controlled by different parties other than Shuguang tube factory itself.

The Psvane CV181-T tubes are direct replacement to standard 6SN7 tubes of all make.

Psvane CV181-T (6SN7) has exactly the same electronic specification as the Treasure CV181-Z, which is a true equivalent of 6SN7. The gold coated base is slightly smaller (pins layout is the same) than the Treasure CV181-Z which has white ceramic base, but glass shape and size remain the same at 2″ diameter at the widest part. From the base to the tube top, CV181-T is about 3 3/4″ tall while Treasure CV181-Z is about 4″ tall.

Sonically the T-series is considered modern refined with more top end extension while the Treasure Z-series were originally developed to after the New Old Stock tube laid-back sound. Both are great sounding tubes – if you can get your hands on a set with good testing results, you will enjoy both immensely and expand your ‘black bottle’ collection.

Due to the materials selected for constructing the black bottle tubes, the Psvane T-series will require similar 150-300 hours burn-in time to sound to its best.

Please refer to the Treasure CV181-Z (6SN7) for specification.

Additional information: 

Read about quality grade difference of Psvane Audio vacuum tubes 

Read what reviewer Srajan Ebaen has to say about the GF T-Collection grade A (BEST) tubes in his professional review – link here.

Please select quality grade from drop down list below:

(note: The T-classic grade is not recommended to be used in pre-amplification stage. It may pose some noise issue when you have a high end preamp which is sensitive to noise. The T-classic grade is recommended to be used in front of power tubes as driver stage only. Please select quality grade carefully based on where you plan to use the tubes.)


Update: All Psvane CV181-T tubes are sold out now. We are offering free upgrade to the TII series at the same price. If you accept the free upgrade, you may order at the list below or proceed to the CV181-TII link to place your order. 

If you do not accept the switch to TII series, please do NOT proceed with an order as we no longer have stock of the T-series. 

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