Treasure 845-Z Select (pair)

A new addition to the highly popular Shuguang Treasure series! We have brought in limited quantity hand picked tubes to test market – if you are adventurous and experienced in tube rolling, we welcome you to take advantage of our introductory pricing and let us know how they compare to other 845’s on the market. 

Like the rest of the ‘Black Bottle’ original Treasure Series that was introduced back in 2008, this model is the first venture to introduce carbon coating to high voltage 845 tubes as a technical break-through.


– Carbon compound coating to quickly dissipate heat generated from tube operation to achieve a ‘self cooling’ effect, plus absorbing external interference

– High quality German cathode material and 10% more enlarged emission area than typical 845 tube to ensure sufficient emission at time of high dynamic signal playback

– High voltage resistance design to ensure no flashing short will occur in operation

– Pure 24k gold coated grid to reduce internal noise and reduce secondary grid emission

– Elegant design tube base and leave no finger print residual

– Gold coated tube pins to improve conductivity, reduce signal loss and improve output efficiency

– Suggested burn-in time: minimum 100 hours, recommended 200hr for full break-in

Special Notes: 

– This model has enlarged glass enclosure for fast cooling – 2 1/2″ diameter (64mm), 7 1/4″ height from base to glass top (not including pins, 185mm). 

If your amp has a very tight sized tube cage around the 845 tube, please do check the diameter to make sure this tube can fit, or the cage can be removed to allow the tube installed. 

How does the 845-Z sound? According to factory’s description – “it has a full body rich sound, deep bass, transparent but not clinical. It is a super version 845 – like 300B on steroid!”. From our internal test results, we feel this model can ravel the WE845 in many aspects of performance. 

845-Z single

845-Z pin and base


845-Z and WE845 side by side

845-Z top mica plate


In stock now for immediate shipping from Canada to worldwide. 


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