1. Treasure Globe 6SN7-SE (pair, GF Limited Special Edition)

“Could this be the next best 6SN7 on the market today?” – this is no doubt the ambition in the design team’s mind when they bring this model to the market!

One very experienced distributor / dealer for ultra high end audio equipment in USA, who had the opportunity to audition this model of tube,  said: “I have so many 6SN7’s and actually like the TJ Full Music brass bottom, gold pin, ST shape 6SN7, as much as any NOS vintage tube! These globes were even better!”

Grant Fidelity has organized this Special Edition production with Shuguang Treasure team over an extended time frame to bring this globe shaped 6SN7 to the market for the absolute high end market. It is ‘Special Edition’ (SE) because all previous Treasure series of tubes all have carbon coating inside to make the tube a ‘black bottle’. This one is of a see through clear glass enclosure, but in globe shape, like the original Western Electric 101D tubes which are in high demand today by high end audiophile worldwide.

In order to ensure this Special Edition globe shape 6SN7 to be of the best possible quality, we actually throw away over 50% of all finished production tubes not to compromise on final quality. After the initial screening, the passing tubes are further screened for low noise, section balancing and optimal plate current..All Grant Fidelity screening efforts have resulted this Treasure globe 6SN7-SE to be a very limited edition for worldwide audiophiles who demand the very best quality. There are two grades available – Low noise  (A) and Driver stage (B) for different application, with the driver stage (B) grade slightly less expensive than the A grade.

As always, all warranty is carried by Grant Fidelity from Canada. Please purchase with absolute confidence.

The 6SN7SE widest part is 5.5cm diameter. Assuming you need two tubes 0.5cm apart at least, you will need 5.5cm + 0.5 = 6cm from center to center in order to install two tubes side by side..


Treasure 6SN7-SE-pair-box Treasure 6SN7SE front logo Treasure 6SN7SE GF label Treasure 6SN7SE pair in foam Treasure 6SN7SE single front logo Treasure 6SN7-SE-internal structure


Please choose quality grade

Price: $375.00

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