Treasure KT120-Z Select (Quad)

KT120-Z Quad on Elekit TU8340 amp


The KT-120s are broken-in now.  The bass is more than there.  Everything sounds excellent.  I have to finish a Synergistic Research review and then I’ll get on this one.  I have no desire to reinstall the Ayon Audio KT-88s if that tells you anything.  It will be a five star review. Thanks, Mike Girardi

Reviewer for stereotimes. Read full review here.


This new addition to the Treasure GF-Select series is to meet the market demand for a warm, lush, and rich sounding KT120 compared to the clinical sounding TungSol KT120. Designed by the Treasure team, follow the similar sound signature as the highly sought after Treasure KT88-Z that was first introduced by Grant Fidelity in 2008.

The KT120-Z is of similar height (14.5cm) to TungSol KT150 tube and similar diameter at widest part (6cm) as the TungSol KT150 as well. ( see TungSol KT150 dimensions here:

KT120-Z Quad on Elekit TU8340 amp


Below pictures are for the KT120-Z  compared to a typical KT88 tube:

KT120-Z new shape with KT88-TII

Special Note when placing an order: 

As some KT120-Z is of stronger plate current than the TungSol KT120 tubes, some users with auto bias circuit plus a protection circuit will wrongly taken the high plate current as a false internal short, so the amp will shut down automatically into protection mode.

When placing order, please make sure to select the ‘bias mode’ as either ‘Self bias with protection circuit’ or ‘manual bias’. In general, manual bias amp can accept higher plate current tubes (the higher plate current will also allow tubes to have longer aging time). We will select tubes based on this information provided.

All KT120-Z tubes for the time being will be shipped out of Grant Fidelity Canada office, tested on Amplitrex AT1000, and run on a live amplifier for 8 hrs before shipping. Please kindly allow us extra time to selecting and shipping your tubes after the above mentioned process.

Stock Status: 

The model is currently entirely sold out. We are waiting for new batch production at a later date and will update here once we have a firm ready date. 

Price: $449.00

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