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‘The Psvane 12AU7-TII beats them a lot!’

TII EL84 pair with boxFeedback from a recent customer Denis who purchased Psvane 12AU7-TII (GF grade A):

“Bonjour at Grant Fidelity

My Psvane 12Au7 are in, and as soon as i put them in my Italian hi fi preamplifier i loved them immediately, i mean not the tube themself but the music coming out of them.
i own NOS Amperex 12AU7 that i found amazing but lacking top end absolute clarity and transparancy, and i also tried the new Northen Electric 12AU7 that a friend borrowed to me , but with them i feel an evident tonal inacurracy in the mid-range, especially in the piano and vocal.
The psvanes beats them a lot!! better musicality and clarity/definition

i am very happy with my purchase

Best regards


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Psvane 12AU7-T (Grade A) vs NOS Telefunken 12AU7

Received via email by Thomas L.

“Dear Grant Fidelity,

  I’m writing to let you know that I have received the PSVANE 12AU7-T Grade A tubes.  I believe by now, a lot of people know that the PSVane T-tubes are good.  But I’m not sure if any one of your customer have done a direct comparison to a brand new NOS tube.  I’m comparing it to a Brand new NOS Telefunken 12AU7.  I’m sure you probably have heard the following details many times, this may be just a reiteration of what all you existing customers are saying.
  Just out of the box, the PSVane beats the Telefunken in EVERY WAY.  Most significantly is the level of details and clarity, the Telefunken is no where close.  This includes comparing with broken in Telefunken 12AU7.  Equipments in the soundstage are spot on.  String simply has more texture and reverb is more obvious.  The Tube reveals so much more details but not bright at all.  Soundstage depth and layering are much improved.  All of these improvement are just with $99 USD.  I spent roughly $230 on the set of NOS.”
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“I am off NOS trail”

from customer Steven P. by email:

“I recently purchased two pair of the Psavane tubes, 12AU7 and 12AT7. I am not the first to tell you that these tubes are excellent. Bass is tighter, there is more overall clarity, and soundstaging is more precise. I am now off the NOS trail….”

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‘The Psvane’s bring a whole new “sophistication” to all aspects of sound.’

I am reclining in my listening room thoroughly enjoying The Rite of Spring due in no small measure to the Psvane 12AU7 Reference Vacuum tubes. I just recently purchased these new production tubes manufactured under tight tolerances in the Shuguang tube facility in China. The Psvanes replaced gold pin EH 12AU7s. The EHs were good sounding tubes in my heavily modified cj tube line stage. The Psvane’s bring a whole new “sophistication” to all aspects of sound. Most notable is a complete lack of “glassiness” in the upper midrange and treble, a smoothness to the musical texture without any loss in detail. The soundstage is open and natural. Bass is powerful and tight. These tubes are very quiet, a characteristic missing in my trials with NOS Mullards. Yes, they were warm and “musical” but the several pairs I used were always noisy…losing their vacuum?

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