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‘the clarity of the Psvane blew me away’

By Eirik A. via email:

“Put in the 12AX7 Psvane today replace Raytheon 1962 nos tubes .  The clarity of the psvane blew me away, wow…”

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Forum Thread Pavane vs Gold Lion

Another Forum Thread with comparisons against other 12AX7’s, this time from audioaficionado.org


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I have Telefunken 12AX7… and I like Psvane 12AX7 a lot

I happen to be one of those lucky folks that has a pair of NOS Telefunken 12AX7s, complete with musty boxes…

I’m of the opinion that the best tube is dependent on the circuit it is going into. I’ve heard some circuits where the Teles sound great, and others where I preferred other tubes.

Back in July I bought some of the Psvane 12AX7s from Grant Audio, and put them in my EAR 834P phono stage. When I got my Pro-Ject Tube Box II back from a buddy, I pulled my Teles out of them and put them in the EAR.

Truth be told, I prefer the Psvanes…they are sweeter and smoother sounding than the Teles, which are harder and more SS sounding. The Psvanes sound more like a 12AU7, which I’ve always preferred as a gain tube to the 12AX7. The 12AU7 is overall a sweeter sounding tube than a 12AX7, so I am running one in the front-most socket of my EAR, in which you can run a 12AX7 or 12AU7.

Bottom line: I like the Psvane 12AX7s a lot…

original post: http://www.audioaficionado.org/tubes-valves/10505-psvane-vs-telefunken-12ax7s.html

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“Highly suggested” – by ToneAudio Magazine

Posted on ToneAudio Magazine Blog:

“I’ve been living with a set of PSVANE 12AX7′s for a few weeks now and so far, these are great sounding tubes. While many lovers of vacuum tubes enjoy the hunt for NOS (new old stock) tubes, great deals on NOS tubes are few and far inbetween. With the 12AX7 being such a popular tube in vintage as well as current preamplifiers, a great 12AX7 is always in demand.

At $99 per pair for their highest grade, the Shuguang Psvane (Pavane) 12AX7′s are a bargain. With a warmer yet highly detailed presentation, these tubes outperform everything in my toolbox, except for a couple of very rare Tele’s and Mullards, all in the $250-$400 range, EACH. I’ve been using a complete set in the output stage of my McIntosh C500 preamplifier with excellent results. These tubes were a major upgrade in every way from the standard issue Mac tubes. If you’d like a great tube upgrade that’s easy on the wallet, call the folks at Grant Fidelity and order some of these for your favorite tube amp or preamp. Highly suggested!”

Link to the original Blog post is here.

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‘they beat pants off NOS tubes’

By email from customer Jim K. in USA:

Hi Rachel and Ian:

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‘These tubes definitely performed out of my expectation.’

– provided by customer Thomas L.

I never wrote review on any product that I have used or am using.  So bare with me a little.  Hopefully this all make sense.  Anyway, I just received the 12ax7-t and the 12au7-t tubes today.  Thanks to GF for the fast shipping.  As soon as I got home today, I replaced the 12ax7 Telefunken rib plates with the Psvane on my Mexing Mingda MC-3R.  Before I turned my system on, I was wondering how much better can these tube be.  I understand I need to run in the tubes a little bit before listening, but I was too curious to find out the outcome.   With a brief listening, right away I notice the following:

1.  The details in the music are more apparent.

2.  With the telefunken, I find that details are too lean, but not with the Psvane.  Equipments in the music tend to have more “Meat”.

3.  Bass become tighter, fast and more impact.

4.  Cleaner and better definition.  I find that I can pin point more where the equipments in the music are.

5.  Vocal seems to have more energy.

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‘I can only express my astonishment at how good they are’

Posted by customer Keith O.

After two months of burning in and listening to the Psvane 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, I can only express my astonishment at how good they are. I have seldom come across tubes that give an across the board ideal sound. By this I mean that not only do they give a very natural organic sound that is extremely engaging, smooth and warm but they also handle all frequencies with remarkable finesse and ease. Bass really tightened up after about 50-60 hours burn in time and is both solid and extended. It has the perfect decay that makes it sound full rather than thin yet it is not bloated. On jazz pieces that have double bass solos, you can feel and hear the woodiness of the bass. There is that sense of weight to the bass. Mid-range and vocals are sweet and clear. Vocals have that clarity that allow you to hear the sound coming from their throats. Violins have never sounded sweeter and cymbals crash without that usual sibilance. Trumpets no longer sound harsh and there is a certain sparkle to instruments like glockenspiels, tubular bells and tambourines. Finally there is a certain airiness to the sound that gives the musical stage both depth and height.

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‘they take my CDP to a new level’

email from customer Marc P. in Montreal:

“I received my CD-327A and Psvane 12AX7 tubes yesterday. Thank you very much! I am absolutely pleased with the unit and with the factory tubes it sounded just as sweet as my original one … that is until I plugged both units into my Stax SRM-006t II tube headphone amp and Stax SR-202 headphones with identical CDs in them and did some A-B comparisons. Whoever said that tube burn in is a myth has never heard 2 identical sets of tubes (one with 4-500 hours on them and the other brand new) side by side in identical CDPs.

The difference between the 2 players is huge; better, tighter bass, more detail in the highs, warmer mids, blacker background, everything sound so much better on the burned in unit (easy to hear through the headphones as both CDP are synched and respond to the same remote for instant A-B comparison). As big a difference between the 2 sets of identical stock tubes is, the difference between the Psvane tubes and the stock tubes is just as dramatic, even though they are not even an hour old.  The CD-327A had already been such a revelation for me, bringing out all sorts of subtle details and textures that I had never heard before on material I thought I was intimately familiar with and so far (barely an hour so far), the Psvanes are already bringing out even more.  Since getting my first CD-327A I had been rediscovering my entire music collection; looks like I have to start all over again, but who is complaining!

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