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Our in-house listening comparison among 300B’s we have

A listening comparison of TJ Full Music 300B tubes and Shuguang 300B tubes done by Grant Fidelity can be found in our forum here:


Tubes include: TJ Full Music 300/n mesh plate, TJ Full Music 300B/C carbon plate, TJ Full Music 300B/SE carbon plate special edition, Shuguang 300B-98 clear glass, Shuguang Treasure ‘black bottle’ 300B-Z. Please feel free to comment further and add your inputs.

Grant Fidelity

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‘amazing… better than reissue WE300B’

– from Robin Waytt, owner of Robyatt Audio (www.robyattaudio.com)

“The new Shuguang Treasure Series 300B-Z tubes arrived yesterday. These Black bottle carbon coated tubes are kind of unique in appearance, and construction, so I thought I would try them!

I put them in my Tektron switchable 2A3/300B/50 SET integrated, and ran them into the old Altec 604-C’s. I must state I have never been a 300B fan , I prefer 2A3’s or 45’s, however these new tubes could be one of the nicest tubes I have ever heard!!! Incredible detail, with no glare, the traditional 300B, “white” sound is gone, just sweet detail with amazing extension, and air around the instruments!!”

“I compared a loaner pair of engraved base 1930’s original Western Electric 300b’s, my re-issue Wester Electric 300b’s, and a new pair of Grant Fidelity imported Shuhuang Treasury Series carbon coated 300b’s. All played in the reference Tektron 300B intergrated using vintage Telefunken AC2 input tubes and NOS Panasonic 274A’s rectifiers.

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‘fabulous’ – from customer in Russia

 Original post was on AudioCircle: 

« on: April 24, 2009, 05:21:01 pm »
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I think I am overexcited with those tubes   Smile *(hopefully that won’t stop), so I would like to share my experience with other tube lovers. I used to have Golden Dragons (I think marked Hot Rod) then Svetlana 300 B, which I thought are much better than dragons, but Black Bottles are something special.. Too sad that there is no information for them on the net, except on the distributor site (it is Grant Fidelity from whom I bought them)…

From the very first moment, it is clear that they are the TUBES on my Audion Silver Night 300 B power amp… Very addictive tubes (cannot stop listening), I believe that they deserve more reputation than they used to have, frankly Shuguang in my view were sort of "shubby tubes", but the ones I have got changed my attitude to the company in completely opposite way!

I have started burn in, but even right out of the box they are more better bass, airy trebles and huge sound stage! I can’t wait those 300 hours req’d, as I read they would be different tubes…

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‘I discover a great (maybe the greatest) 300B tube’

– from  customer Lucian R. in California:

“I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I exchanged all the tubes in my amplifier for ones I received from you.

I am impressed with the sound and if the tubes sound like this immediately from the box I can imagine how they will sound after a couple hundred of hours….

Once again thank you for the excellent service…”

Follow up review published on AudioCircle:

“Hello members – I discovered a great (maybe the greatest) 300B tube and wanted to share a short review with you (I published it few minutes ago on Audiogon)…

Here we go:
I am an owner of VAC Renaissance 70/70 amplifier that I had for the past 12 years. The set-up of my audio system is quite minimalistic and I am so happy with it that I did not change any major components for several years with exception of the digital source.

System: Martin Logan original CLS IIA speakers with updated power supply, two Marti Logan Depth subwoofers, Yamamura Millennium 5000 interconnects, Stealth Ultimate Ribbon speaker cables and APL modded Denon 3910 CD player.

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JJ 300B vs. Treasure 300B-Z

– from customer Swimjay:

“Here are some additional impressions from a new 300B Z owner, with more to follow as the tubes continue to burn in. [Associated equipment includes Cambridge Audio 840C CD player w/Dexa clock and non-standard output IC, ef86-based home made line stage, home made dual mono 300B SET amps based on Jack Elliano’s DRD design, Mapleshade interconnects and speaker wire, not-yet-released newly designed vibration dissipation devices under all electronics, and very,very highly modified Quad 63’s. These speakers are not normally associated with low power amps, but in this incarnation have such a wide dynamic range that they sound great. That is, they don’t play very loud, but retrieve low-level detail so far below the range of a normal loudspeaker they don’t need to play loud to be satisfying.]
I’ve been using JJ 300Bs, and all comparisons that follow are with those.

Right out of the box the tubes are agreeable, a bit modest (not polite), even, for the first 10 minutes, slightly pinched sounding. But quickly, the sound grows more, for want of a better word, lovely. In reading Ian’s thoughts above, I was afraid I might find an overall euphonic warmth, but this was not the case. The initial presentation is unambitious, as if no chances were being taken, but very unstrained. No one area calls out its excellence, but the overall sense is very comfortable–it doesn’t seem as if there’s going to be any suffering during the break-in period.

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TJ Full Music 300B mesh plate vs. Treasure 300B-Z

from customer Doron O by email:

“Hello, Tubes arrived and are playing along. I do not think they are going back to you anytime soon…:-) Very good from the get go. Compared to the existing TJ 300B/n Mesh Plates the SG 300B-z have massive bass, they sound smoother, more relaxed, mid range is fuller (more lush) yet clean – more meat on the bones so to speak. Very seductive and un-fatiguing tubes, exactly like the experience Ian presented in the forum.”

More from Doron O in Feb 2010:

“Just wanted to share I put about another 15-20 hours on the tubes and they do get better.

Eva Cassidy sounds less shouty, more details are coming through in the mid range (contrasts between music and silence are more pronounced, nuances in her voice are clearer) and bass is getting heftier.

All changes are for the better. The sound is more balanced and less aggressive than with the TJ and fuller too.
But more than anything I find myself not being able to listen to few tracks of LP’s anymore . I put one side and having hard time getting up from the listening couch until the complete side is played…It used to be much easier to swap LP’s or tracks in the middle.
If this is not what this hobby is all about, than I do not know what is.
Explaining this phenomena to myself in technical terms: I believe that these tubes generate less distortion, especially in transitions (soft sounds followed by very loud ones – like a burst of a sax’ solo) which translate to a smoother, more lifelike sound which is much less fatiguing:
The best I heard in that department so far was coming from a pair of 195W/Channel McAlister Audio OTL mono block amps – all the details were there with gobs of spatial information yet there was no hint of harshness or glare. My JAS SET amp (http://www.charismaaudio.com/Array2.html) along with very serious NOS tubes across the board (did not keep any of the stock tubes) comes awfully close and that it is very very impressive to me (the McAlister OTL’s are ~US$9,500).”
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‘better than TJ 300B carbon plate and Sophia 300B carbon plate’

From customer Jimmy P. by email:

“I received the tubes last Friday, i’m very impressed with the sound right out of box! Without burn in, it was already better than TJ Full Music 300B Carbon Plate and Sophia Electric 300B Carbon plate.”

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‘sonically as good as KR300B’

Grant Fidelity provided a pair of sample Premium Grade A 300B-Z to TNT-Audio.com. Reviewer Geoff Husband says:

“If you are looking for a more even performance then the three candidates are the KR’s, the Shuguang and WE re-issues. The latter are very expensive, and to my mind offer nothing over the other two. The Shuguang and KR sound very similar, but the Shuguang build quality is inferior to the KR’s. The decision then comes down to availability and price – the KR’s are more expensive but beautifully made, but not always available. The Shuguang on the other hand are less well made, but at least as good sonically and, depending on market, cheaper.”

Read full review here: http://www.tnt-audio.com/accessories/shuguang_treasures_300b_e.html

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