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Treasure 6SL7-Z: “I have never heard bass like that from ANY amp”

Treasure 6SL7-Z pair in box with logoFeedback received from Nick B. in UK about Treasure 6SL7-Z:

“Hi Rachel,

I just thought I would drop you a note having put the 6SL7-Z tubes into my monobloc amps.

The only word I can think of to use is WOW!

I have never heard bass like that from ANY amp, never mind a valve amp. What a difference it has made to the music.”

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Immediate improvement heard when fitted in CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z

treasure 6SL7-Z singleFeedback received via email from Darren in Australia:

“Hello Rachel,

I just wanted to let you know the (KT88-Z, CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z) arrived yesterday.

I fitted the CV181-Z and 6SL7-Z first and listened to a significantly improved openness …

I should have done more  listening to get a better appreciation of the difference, but could not wait to add in the KT88 treasures

Again the sound was improved – less bass slam – tighter

I look forward to a longer burn in period to get the full appreciation, but first impression is that they are very nice.”

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