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“Top Notch in Every Way.”

TII 845 pair with boxFeedback from customer Charlie V. via email:

“The difference between the Psvane (845) TII tubes and the stock tubes are like night and day on steroids.  I am glad I re-tubed the amp and pre-amp all at the same time.  What a marvelous difference.  The air, sparkle, tonality of the music as well as the sounds of the instruments are stunning in the most enjoyable way.  I could not imagine better sound and enjoyment. I could and am listening for hours at a time.

The transaction could not have been more professionally handled.  I could not have had better results if you had a shop down the street.

Top notch in every way.

My amps are Cary Audio 805 AE
My pre amp is Cary Audio SLP-05″

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