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Psvane T-series ‘black bottle’ 300B-T, CV181-T and KT88-T launched

After rounds of testing and improvement over the test runs, Grant Fidelity is now ready to officially launch the Psvane T-series black bottle tubes to the market outside of the Greater China Area. It includes 300B, Kt88 and CV181 (6SN7) for the time being.

‘Psvane’ is a brand that owned by separate entity from Shuguang tube factory and the black bottle T-series is a MKII version of the original Shuguang Treasure series. In terms of sound quality, the Treasure series have been confirmed to meet many high end customers’ expectations, and the Psvane T-series is a fine tuning version of the Treasure Z-series. They are priced very similarly and if finance allows, we highly recommend customers to start their black bottle collection by owning both.

The Psvane T-series will be sold by Grant Fidelity under the same tight quality control during distribution. You may purchase either GF Grade A best quality grade, or go for the factory Premium grade to keep your budget down.

No sellers from Asia have been authorized to directly re-sell these tubes over eBay or other e-commerce website. Psvane brand owner does not guarantee or warrant the quality from these vendors.

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