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‘I’ve heard black and I’ll never go back.’

Feedback from customer Wayne:

Hi, Grant Fidelity–

Well, I finally got round to getting my new tubes installed in my MAC 275 this past weekend. Rather than run on at the mouth let me just say this. I’ve heard black and I’ll never go back. WOW!
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‘smooth clean highs, strong deep bass and all the other’

 Posted by happy customer John on AudiogoN: original post here: 


 Shuguang Treasure tubes….
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‘IMO, the Treasures well worth the expenses’

by past customer KptKrunch – owner of Grant Fidelity A-88 tube amp:

Original post on audiokarma.org:


“Well – I didn’t do the exhaustive listening session I planned – didn’t need to. I put my GF A-88 amp in UL mode, put on some PJ Ten Redux, and listened to the first 5 tracks with all the stock Shuguang tubes for the GF A-88.  Music seemed very forward, Eddie Vedder sounded reproduced, not at all natural. In fact, I didn’t like the vocals much at all. The highs, cymbals in Alive for example, were very loud and distracting from the rest of the music. The Guitar sounded harsh. I then powered the amp off, waited a few minutes, and swapped out the stock KT-88’s with the Shuguang Treasures (tubes were really hot though let me tell you).

Listened to the same tracks again. Oh, forgot to mention, the A-88 is a manual bias amp, with the voltage recommended to be between .53 and .57 for the stock, and around .45 to .50 for the treasures. I set it to .55 for the stock (as that is how I had it before) and biased the Treasures to .50.

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‘I found the best combination’

 From Greg L., owner of Grant Fidelity A348 tube amp and KT88 treasure tubes…. he found a great combination in his setup and I am sharing his secret with you! 🙂  


Hi Ian/Rachel,

I’ve been doing some tube rolling here for a couple of days and I have arrived at a combination of

NOS and your KT88 Treasure tubes that really, really, sing! 

My current and best tube audio setup is comprised of:


  • KT88 Treasures
  • NOS Telefunken 12AX7’s
  • NOS Sylvania 6SN7GTA Chrome Domes (short early 1950’s version)
  • CD Player
  • NOS Mullard 12AU7’s
  • NOS Siemens 12AU7’s (alternate)


1979 Klipsch Cornwall I’s

The short Sylvania 6SN7’s are even better sounding then my Tungsol Mouse Ear tubes which you heard briefly before they reached optimum operating temperature last week.



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‘what a nice upgrade’

from customer Mike G. by email:

Hi Rachel,

Wow.  What a nice upgrade.  They only have 8 hours on them and I am blown away by the lack of grain in the midrange, soundstage layering, and bass impact these Treasures have compared to the Genalex reissues.  Its not even close.


Mike G.

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‘Now I can concentrate on music instead of equipment’

Feedback provided by email:

Hi Rachel,

I got the tubes Monday afternoon and installed them Tuesday AM. They have about 26 hours on them and sound very, very nice! The Treasures have about 160 hours on them and the combination of the two brands compliment each other very well. The specificty and weight of individual voices or instruments is unbelivable! I sat a few feet away from the sweet spot and the soundstage changed very little! I expected a little more detail but what blows me away is how natural and realistic the soundstage sounds. The air around Triangles and Cymbals and Brushes  is the best I have heard in my home. The Midrange and Bass is also astounding. I have owned some nice equiptment over the years including Watt 3 and Puppys driven by a Classee DR9 amp and DR6A Preamp and numerous Plinius products but this little combo is the best by quite a margin, that I have heard in my home. You would think the Harbeths cost megabucks! I can now concentrate on the misic instead of the equiptment.  I could go on and on but You get my Drift.  Thank you very much!
Best Regards,
David H.
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