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“I would have never thought possible”

Received from customer Lance L. via email:

“Hello Rachel: Just a line to let you know the 12AU7’S arrived on schedule. I have installed them and have only had a couple of hours of listening, but even in this short period of time I am starting to hear rather amazing sonic characteristics. The combination of the PSVANNE KT88’S and the 12AU7’S are creating a completely different sonic aura. I can already hear significant changes to my entire audible reproduction, that I would have never thought possible, especially in comparison to the GENALEX, TUNGSRAM; RCA NOS BLACK PLATES, and SHUGUANG tubes I have used previously. I am further impressed that the price point of the PSVANNE tubes is not “over the top” in comparison to many inferior tubes. I don’t know what the manufacturer is doing to achieve such incredible reproduction characteristics from their tubes, but it is definitely working.”

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Better Than the Treasures

Got the Psvanes. They replaced KT88 treasures and prior to that Pentas and gold lions. There’s just no comparison. If I had to really quantify what I’m hearing I would say the Psvanes just have confidence to sound amazing where as the treasures sound awesome, but polite and demur. in either case the treasures and the Psvanes beat the pants off of the GLs or anything else for that matter.
Pez on AudioCircle
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