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New Grant Fidelity testing station now set up at factory

In order to further reduce the waste on unqualified tubes shipped into North America for re-testing, Grant Fidelity has recently set up a testing station right in the factory to screen the Treasure and Psvane series tubes before they leave for North America.

The test equipment used in this factory station is Amplitrex AT-1000 tube testing system, same as what we have been using in Canada for grading tubes in the past few years. Full training has been provided by Grant Fidelity to the factory personnel so that they follow exactly the same testing method and grading standard as us in Canada.

Going forward, more tube models with GF Grade A quality in the Treasure and Psvane series will be stocked in our Hong Kong warehouse to ship economically and efficiently to our worldwide customers. Some orders may be shipped out of Canada for the time being until the Hong Kong warehouse is fully stocked.

Some customers have asked us if we use our own personnel at the factory to supervise the testing process – our answer is No. We fully trust and respect our business partners and suppliers and we provide them with the right equipment and right training to ensure quality meet our worldwide customers desire for high quality. We don’t send a ‘spy’ to watch over factory’s shoulders because we firmly believe business relationship is built on trust and respect.

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